10 Big Questions From WWE Raw – February 24, 2014

The Elimination Chamber behind us means we’re 6 weeks away from WrestleMania XXX, live from Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Raw was all about setting the stage for the annual mega event, one WWE no doubt wishes to be their biggest ever thanks to the much-anticipated launch of WWE Network. “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan returned, as did The Undertaker, and “Yes Movement” leader Daniel Bryan issued a Mania challenge to…Triple H?!

RAW always leaves us viewers with a number of questions, here are 10 big ones! You can answer them in the comments below, on Twitter @PWMania #10BigQuestions, and Facebook.

#1) Was this Raw a good start for WrestleMaina XXX hype?

#2) What happens with Bray Wyatt if John Cena can’t compete at Mania due to “injury?”

#3) Which match most-likely had Mania implications – Christian vs Sheamus, Wyatt vs Roman Reigns, or Cesaro vs Big E?

#4) Is the feud between Kane and Daniel Bryan finally over?

#5) Did Batista’s outburst help or further hinder his appeal?

#6) Does Alberto Del Rio’s victory make him a title contender?

#7) How did you feel when Bryan issued a challenge to Triple H?

#8) How excited were you to see Hogan and The Undertaker?

#9) Is Brock Lesnar the right Mania opponent for Taker?

#10) Are you expecting CM Punk to return in Chicago, or not

  • 315fedowl

    1)No. Not by a long shot.

    2)It’s a work.

    3)Hopefully Cesaro, but knowing WWE the Shield

    4)It will never end

    5)It can’t be hindered any further. But it cetainly didn’t help

    6)Victory? What victory?That was yesterday. Nobody in WWE remembers that far back. Batista is YOUR challenger at WMXXX.

    7)Cheated. Although HHH’s ego is the only thing bigger than his nose, HHH is beneath Bryan.

    8)Hogan-excited but not that much, Undertaker-not at all excited

    9)The right Mania thing for Undertaker is watching backstage, only coming to the ring to cut a promo

    10)Expect him to return, yup. And Creative will botch it.

  • Josh

    1) The undertaker/ brock and the possible triple threat ic title match was only the real hype of the night and saving the show. 2) Before the match have cena introduce sting from the rafters to take his place. 3) Ic title picture. 4) Lets hope so. 5) Hinder because the crowd is just going to hijack his matches even more. 6) Hell no. 7) Made me feel sorry for db for having to try sell a match for hhh and his ego. Don’t blame cm punk for walking. 8) Would had been better if hogan interrupted or had been interrupted. Undertaker still gives me goosebumps. He made raw worth watching. 9) Wrestling aspect no but personal history between the two yeah his the right guy. 10) Not to be part of the company but wouldn’t be surprised if he got into the front rows to boo the product. His long gone and pretty much waiting it out until his allowed to sign with another company. Isn’t there like a 3 month claws in contacts that they aren’t allowed to leave straight for another company?

  • James Humwood

    I don’t know about you guys but the only mania match I’m really excited for is the possible triple threat for the ic title with big e vs swagger vs cesaro should be an awesome WRESTLING match if it happens also the possible triple threat for us title but we all know reigns would go over in tht match which sucks. I don’t see punk coming back but who knows maybe wwe talked him into returning if so who does he face at mania if he gets a title shot at mania and wins that would be cool and have him and Bryan feud(a guy can dream can’t he) or have him return and tell hhh that bryan deserves to main event mania and cm punk battles hhh at mania. If del rio is in the match at mania some how some way then I see him being the face because he’s the only one fans would root for lol. I love seeing hogan back where he belongs found it funny him messing up his lines last night but he caught himself and fixed it. Undertaker being back is always cool after all he’s a stable of wrestlemania but not to excited about the Brock match but not appalled by it ethier just rather see sting or a younger superstar get that shot. Bryan issuing the challenge is obvious bullsh*t he should be in the title match not against the big nose part timer but for some reasone wwe refuses to put him in a title match and have it fair and you just know they won’t have HHH job hes got to big of an ego.batista turning heel well I guess that’s not true to become a heel you first have to be a face doesn’t matter ethier way unless the main event is changed ppl are going to boo the hell out of the match. I hope that god awful Bryan and Kane feud is over. Also where and how is Christian and sheamus gonna be figured into the card they already had there match.. Unless a rematch?Cena injury is a work and knowing cena’s injury is a work you just know for sure now that he will win. I’ve seen this storyline with cena a 100 times he gets injured miraculously comes back opponent beats on injuried body part for 20 minute in the match, he kicks out multiple times then finishes opponent with 1 AA and wins. Basically meaning the burial of damian sandow I mean bray Wyatt at mania

    • James Humwood

      woo… sorry if there is miss spells and stuff typing on an ipod is hard I had to edit this a few times because I typed the same thing twice but it should be good now lol. had to get that stuff off my chest

  • ™Go†h

    1) 50/50
    2) Maybe Wyatt will have an opponent instead of a victim
    3) Wyatt – Reigns
    4) I hope so
    5) Fans don’t like him … that’s good!
    6) Nope … as he seems to leave in near future
    7) NO! NO! NO! Not another mid card match for Bryan
    8) Hogan: *yawn* – Taker: YEEEEES!
    9) NO! NO! NO!
    10) Honestly, no … but I wish he’d return.

  • Dee Drak

    1. No. WWE probably thought the network launch would generate enough momentum and excitement.
    2. Maybe it will change to Roman Reigns vs Bray, would like to see this feud carry to Wrestlemania. Would be awesome, great in ring chemistry.
    3. Maybe all of them! Could be fun and they were good matches!
    5. I think further cuz people empathize with him, cuz it’s not really his fault.
    6. NO!
    7. Daniel needs to wrestle someone on the roster who is in or has been in the wrestling picture not serving as the COO! THIS MATCH WILL BE HIJACKED!!
    8. It was great to see both of them. Looking fwd to their roles at WM30!!!
    9. Initially I was like no, but after their face to face last night, it cud be one hell of a match!
    10. NO! BUT…it could happen!