10 Big Questions From WWE Raw – February 3, 2014

The Road to WrestleMania continued on RAW as the Superstars of WWE get ready for their last pay per view stop along the way – Elimination Chamber. There were more than a few interesting developments, including Daniel Bryan pinning WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in a match ordered by The Authority.

RAW always leaves us viewers with a number of questions, here are 10 big ones! You can answer them in the comments below, on Twitter and Facebook.

#1) How long will WWE ignore those CM Punk chants?

#2) When Zack Ryder does finally appear on RAW, why is he only there to lose?

#3) Do you think The Authority have some type of swerve planned with/for Daniel Bryan?

#4) Can Titus O’Neil be the next monster heel?

#5) Might we be seeing the beginning of Alberto Del Rio costing Batista his chance at the title?

#6) If Orton loses the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Bryan in the Chamber, will the title change hands again at Mania?

#7) Who do you cheer – The Shield or The Wyatt Family?

#8) Could a match of Sheamus VS Ryback be as hard-hitting, and entertaining, as Sheamus VS Mark Henry was?

#9) Was it just me, or did The Wyatt Family and The Shield both have two of the best promos on RAW in years?

#10) What is the reason Dolph Ziggler is not in the title picture?

  • Jaiden Edmonds

    Go watch the rock’s return promo 2011