10 Big Questions From WWE Raw – March 10, 2014

The Road WrestleMania XXX got more pavement on this edition of RAW. The Superstars are aligning for their moment on “The Grandest Stage of Them All” thanks to announcements of more marquee matches. Of them, though, who shined the brightest on tonight’s live broadcast?

RAW always leaves us viewers with a number of questions, here are 10 big ones! You can answer them in the comments below, on Twitter @PWMania #10BigQuestions, and Facebook.

#1) On a scale of 1 – 10 how high is your excitement and anticipation for WrestleMania XXX after this episode of RAW?

#2) Does Bryan really stand a chance of beating Triple H, or is there another screw-over brewing?

#3) Should the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal become a regular WrestleMania attraction going forward?

#4) Does this Mania need Money In The Bank, TLC, or Hell in a Cell?

#5) How badly does John Cena’s witty one-liners pale in comparison to Bray Wyatt’s twisty promos?

#6) Who truly deserves a tag title shot – The Brotherhood, The Wyatts, or The Shield?

#7) If Big E defends against Cesaro, could they potentially have the best match at Mania?

#8) Does Heyman make Brock Lesnar a bigger threat to Undertaker?

#9) As the Mania card stands now, which match are you most looking forward to watching?

#10) Which Diva would you like to challenge at Mania?

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • Yusei Asakura

    I like the idea of a battle royal being present at WM this year helps with the limelight of it being the 30th one. Also it would be great to become a normal WM thing since we no longer have MTB at WM. On another note It also helps assure guys like Dolph and a few other mid-carders that get overlooked actually appear on the show.

  • TheComment

    #1) -1.Cant even start with the comment

    #2) there will be another screwover, this involving the WWE fans screwing wwe.

    #3) NO!NO!NO!

    #4) This Mania needs CMPunk

    #5) no comment. next!

    #6) The Wyatts

    #7) how about if CMPunk returns and have settles for Taker?

    #8) nope. Lesnar is a good threat himself.

    #9) The match where the fans screws WWE

    #10) Triple H. He’s an upcoming diva by the looks of things

  • ksedude

    #1) 8 because I’m actually going to be there, and it’s my first WrestleMania.
    #2) I think Bryan will beat the Game and then win in the main event.
    #3) No, there should not be (what is basically) a Royal Rumble match at WrestleMania every year. Just my opinion.
    #4) MITB
    #5) John Cena’s one-liners don’t strike me as incredibly witty.
    #6) The Wyatts
    #7) No, not in my opinion.
    #8) HA!!! no. Taker wins, that’s the “gimme” of this and every year’s WM.
    #9) Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan
    #10) AJ Lee, pillow fight. ;D


    1. 7 because of the Shield and Bray Wyatt are going to have big nights.
    2. Yes, there will be interference but Bryan will overcome it.
    3. I dont think so, the battle royal idea isnt that great.
    4. I think it definitely needs some stipulation added to it. Whether its the main event, Bray/Cena, Bryan/HHH or Taker/Lesnar. A Fourway ladder match for the tag belts would be great too.
    5. Most pale in comparison to Bray Wyatt at the moment.
    6. All three. Though I see other things happening for the Shield.
    7. Dont think its going to happen. But yeah anything with Cesaro has potential to be incredible.
    8. Yes. Heyman makes every feud better and makes most superstars (minus Axel/Ryback) credible threats to anyone. Though we all know Brock wont win, at least Heyman gives some illusion to this match.
    9. Bray vs. Cena
    10. My guess is some sort of multi diva match. Can Beth Phoenix or Mickie James return?