10 Big WWE Questions & How Would You Rate Randy Orton – June 3, 2014

WWE Payback has come and gone, Batista and Brie Bella quit, The Shield shut out Evolution, and Money In The Bank looms in the near future with no defending champion to challenge. Things have been a bit unsettling in WWE as of late. Major story lines have loose ends and questionable character threads dangling everywhere.

WWE always leaves its viewers with a number of questions, here are 10 big ones! You can answer one, two, or all of them in the comments below, on Twitter @PWMania and @mrjoewalker #10BigQuestions, and Facebook.

#1) Daniel Bryan’s injury is unfortunate, coming at a bad time; but do you feel WWE is dropping the ball with the World Heavyweight Championship in this situation?

#2) Seth Rollins (behaving more and more like Tyler Black) turned on The Shield to seemingly join Evolution. Why?

#3) Have fans been a little too harsh on Dave Batista?

#4) John Cena beat Bray Wyatt…again. So we’re clear, what is the point of this feud?

#5) If Bryan is not giving up the WWE title or defending it, does Brie Bella quitting make any sense?

#6) Should Evolution add two additional new members with Triple H as their JJ Dillon-type mentor/manager?

#7) Do you think Ric Flair should return and form a new 4 Horseman?

#8) If NXT is to be marketed as WWE’s newest brand, is it a good idea they move their most established stars to the main roster?

#9) Who will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion first: Cesaro or Bad News Barrett?

#10) On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you score Randy Orton’s overall in-ring career?

  • Michael F

    1. YES! YES!… I mean yes
    2. $$$
    3. Maybe but it’s kinda deserved. That idiot kinda cost us CM Punk.
    4. This feud is far from over. I expect them to trade PPV wins up til SummerSlam.
    5. It does because he will defend at MITB I believe.
    6. No they can stop with the horsemen comparisons please?
    7. I don’t think the horsemen have ever been in WWE. Due to this him making a new Horsemen stable to add fuel to Shield vs Evolution would be fun.
    8. It is because that is the point of a developmental territory. But maybe stop cutting top talents who you won’t promote to the main roster so the NXT brand can have their own stalwarts.
    9. Cesaro
    10. 7 because he is boring but he has accomplished a lot at the same time.

  • http://twitter.com/thesXetj thesXetj

    1. Absolutely
    2. We’ll see
    3. Yes
    4. The ending didn’t necessarily make Wyatt look bad and he is getting over as a main event star.
    5. Not unless he defends it
    6. No. What’s happening now is fine.
    7. See #6
    8. I suppose they have to leave sometime since it’s developmental.
    9. Cesaro, sadly. Barrett should have already been the champ atp.
    10. 8

  • wwefan

    #1 Yes, All people have had to surrender titles and they are just dragging it out
    #2 He probably was sick of reigns getting the main status and wanted to shortcut to the top
    #3 Yes and No, Yes because hes getting legit heat for himself and not his WWE Character, No because he literally wasted the fans time with this dumb return
    #4 No point. Wyatt has no definitive win against cena
    #5 Nope
    #6 Yes i always said they should do a new evolution with triple h as flair. orton as triple h and 2 new up and comers that can have a career launched
    #7 Maybe if the story was good to battle evolution
    #8 Yes and no. Yes because it gives NXT credible to have their stars compete on the big stage. No because they should have somewhat of a set roster
    #9 Cesaro
    #10 8

  • Jessica Clark

    #2 He’s to talented to be pushed in the shadow of Dean & Roman
    #3 No
    #4 No clue!
    #5 I think she may be pregnant, she’s been holding her stomach lately.
    #6 Nah
    #7 Yesh
    #8 Yeah! Mostly Corey Graves!
    #9 BNB
    #10 12, he’s smooth, breath taking, honestly the only thing he can’t really do it cut a promo

  • RandyOrtongirl

    2. Because not all formed groups in wwe last forever, the shield debuted together so this is expected, for evolution time will come too
    3.yeah the bootista thing was abused and turned very hurtful (u can see in batista’s eyes)
    4.i feel you lol
    5.they just got married so yeah brie would announce the pregnancy in no time
    6. Could be very critical, wwe should choose the members wisely or else
    8.they’re doing it little by little but again could be very critical
    9. Now that is an interesting one
    10. 10+ it’s like wwe is his life now

  • howardmoondles

    1- i dont really know what they’re doing with bryan. the kane storyline is boring.
    2- im hoping its all just a ‘keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer’ type of thing, while very entertaining, i love the shield & want to see them together for a little bit longer.
    3- at first, i felt bad for him. no one should be bullied & he is. on the other hand, i can understand it because it seems like he is only in it for money & not because its his passion. he leaves to try & have a hollywood career while others put in the hard work. he comes back & expects a title shot?? no.
    4- i’ve enjoyed this feud although i hope it’s done with now. i REALLY wanted to see cena turn heel but if bray wyatt isn’t enough to turn him, nothing can.
    5- nope, but i guess it’s so they can start their family they’ve been talking about. i dont know how it’s going to work with bryan being the top superstar in the business right now, though.
    6- no.
    8- no and i dont think they will for a while. dallas, rusev, paige & rose, being the newest NXT superstars to have moved on to the main roster, aren’t doing as well as first thought. although sami zayn deserves to be moved up, i dont want to see him hold back which will happen when hes on the main roster. same with neville.
    9-hopefully barrett but more than likely cesaro.
    10- 10+. he is brilliant & incredibly underrated among wrestling fans. i think he can get quite boring, but only because we have been watching him every week for several years. definitely one of the best there ever will be, i will miss him more than any other superstar when his days are over.