10 Big WWE Questions – May 13, 2014

A neck injury and time off may be the last thing professional wrestling fans wanted to hear WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan mention on RAW. Regardless, the bearded “YES” man was forced to fill every listening ear with this disappointing news. What this means for the future of the title is anyone’s guess.

WWE always leaves its viewers with a number of questions, here are 10 big ones! You can answer one, two, or all of them in the comments below, on Twitter @PWMania and @mrjoewalker #10BigQuestions, and Facebook.

#1) If Daniel Bryan is forced to vacate the title due to injury, who do you think should be crowned in his place?

#2) How do you expect the John Cena/Bray Wyatt feud to end?

#3) Was Sheamus the right choice for the United States Championship?

#4) Does Stephanie need Triple H by her side to be an effective authority-figure heel?

#5) What is NXT missing?

#6) Should WWE re-commit to brand extension, and if they do would a RAW VS Smackdown rivalry be necessary to legitimize it?

#7) In the March 17 edition of 10 Big Questions we mentioned a possible Evolution reunion (and were right!) Which faction should WWE revive next: nWo, Natural Born Thrillers, or Nexus?

#8) Do you think it would be a good idea or bad idea for WWE to sign Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, then bring them in as The Motor City Machine Guns?

#9) What do you enjoy most on WWE Network?

#10) If you were Kofi Kingston, how you would reinvent your character?

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • C.J.

    1) Kane
    2) Bray over cena
    3) Yes
    4) Yes
    5) better GM than JBL, more larger than life characters
    6) Yes, also replace Maddox and Vickie with new GMs, AJ Lee for SmackDown, Michael Cole for Raw
    7) The Legacy
    8) No. The WWE needs new stars, not TNA repackages.
    9) Special Events/PPV at better prices
    10) No. He has plenty of charisma, as is. He just needs the push.

  • arlowoodenhead

    Nexus already has a nucleus in Rybaxel, hook them up with Bad News. And where the hell is AJ?

  • Necro

    1) Brock Lesnar to lead to his feud with Daniel Bryan
    2) I have no fucking clue.
    3) Sheamus being a former big name and potential Evolution member makes the title mean infinitely more than when Ambrose had it.
    4) She does because all either do in the storyline is try to screw Bryan over and that’s not too hard.
    5) NXT is missing more locations? I’m not sure if they travel but I’d love for them to come to Chicago-land area some day and see it myself. Also maybe have an X-Division-esque type of belt that can cash in straight to the main roster for the US or Intercontinental title, almost like super start.
    6) At this point I don’t believe there should be a brand extension until Smackdown goes live again permanently, the Draft back then was really fun to watch sometimes but in the end I only watch Raw live and dividing the brands would only make me lose some of the stuff I see in Raw.
    7) Most likely to happen is none, one I’d most like to see happen is Nexus. Problem is since Nexus disbanded literally everyone got repackaged except for Justin Gabriel and David Otunga whom no one cares about anymore.
    8) I’m not sure if they can use the Motor City Machine Guns name, but they would revamp the tag team division a hell of a lot more, but there are others they need to bring in.
    9) I don’t own it…..I have no idea.
    10) The problem is, the midcard is stacked and I don’t see Kofi being a star in the near future…there’s not much he can do to get to anything higher than a US/IC title anymore.

  • TGov

    #1) Why not another Battle Royal! Wouldn’t mind seeing Lesnar be the beast he portrays.

    #2) Expect? Cena to take down the evil. Want? Have Cena put Bray over as a legit main eventer and further his singles career.(Bray)

    #3) Not a bad choice at all, better than a champion that never defends his title.

    #4) Kind of, she’s pretty annoying on her own.

    #5) Not much, Id like to see less squash matches and more future talents facing each other on a weekly basis.

    #6) No, plain and simple. Raw has always been the more superior brand, what exactly is the competition here?

    #7) Nexus, bring up some kids with Barrett as the leader again and don’t cut there run short again. Could even incorporate Rybaxel again.

    #8) Don’t know them but the tag division could use some love and they have a cool name so why not!

    #9) Haven’t been able to watch much other than Live PPVs so the PPVs I guess lol

    #10) I’ve been questioning this for years. He’s reached his ceiling with his current career, much like Jeff Hardy did years ago. To reinvent himself? I dont know but keep the dreads, and maybe take on an RVD-style in the ring.