2CW Weekend Information: AJ Styles Seminar, Show #100, Pro Wrestling 101, Tajiri, More

2CW Weekend Information:

– AJ Styles Seminar: FOR WRESTLERS (March 14, 2014)
Also, a 2CW first, we will be holding an in ring seminar with AJ Styles. Have this once in a life time opportunity to be in the same ring and train along side AJ Styles. This seminar will be 2-3 Hours long and will take place prior to the show. The seminar is open to wrestlers of all skill levels. The seminar will cost $60.00 USD (plus paypal fees) and will also include a General Admission Ticket to that night’s show. The seminar will start at 4 p.m. on Friday, March 14th and run until 6-7 p.m. NOTE: One person from the seminar will be picked to appear on 2CW’s show later that evening. That person will be chosen by 2CW Management and AJ Styles, upon discussion post seminar. To sign up email 2cw@2cwwrestling.com with Subject: AJ Seminar EVENT PURCHASE: http://store.2cw.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_115&products_id=430

NOTE ON IN RING SEMINAR (FOR WRESTLERS): Be at the venue by latest 3:45 p.m. and in the ring and ready to work by 4 p.m. REFUNDS will NOT be given to those who are late and not admitted to the seminar. Please no street clothes or shoes. You must have boots and/or wrestling shoes to change into for seminar. Street Shoes will NOT be allowed. Please wear a change of clothes also. No Jeans, etc. Shorts and T-shirt is acceptable. People who sign up for seminar and do not have some pro training will be asked to leave seminar. NO REFUNDS. Disrespect will not be tolerated, disrespect of any sort will have you removed. NO REFUNDS. You will be expected to sign a legal document before entering the ring which, in case of any injury, releases 2CW and all involved parties from any negligence.

AJ Styles Seminar: FOR FANS
Also, 2CW fans will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the seminar and see the inner workings of pro wrestling. Much like a movie, you can sit and watch a pro wrestling seminar that features the top free agent in all of pro wrestling today AJ Styles. $25.00 USD/Ticket (plus paypal fees). This is NOT an EVENT Ticket for the show; this is an event ticket for the seminar. Event Ticket for show is separate. You must remain quiet during this time, and no pictures or filming of this event. Disrespect of these rules and you will be asked to leave. NO REFUNDS Buy Tickets to this event HERE: http://store.2cw.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_115&products_id=431

– Card for Show #100! Live in Binghamton, NY 3.14.2014

Isys Ephex, 2CW Champion VS. “Slyck” Wagner Brown, Challenger

The 2CW championship will be defended at the 100th show in a huge encounter! The Champion, the “last real thing in professional wrestling” Isys Ephex will defend his championship against “The Underground King” Slyck Wagner Brown. SWB has earned this championship opportunity all year with many big wins, two of them on iPPV. The defending title holder also has two big wins on those iPPVs, one in a ladder match and the other against Colin Delaney. Who will walk out of the 100th show as the 2CW champion?

AJ Styles VS. Kevin Steen

“Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen returns to Binghamton, NY to wrestle, and possibly injure, the “Phenomenal” A.J. Styles. Kevin Steen almost ended the career of Jay Freddie at 99 Problems, and he’s back to make an even bigger statement by taking out the wildly popular former TNA Triple Crown winner. A.J. is one of the hottest stories in wrestling right now, and he’s coming back to 2CW to show the world that he’s still got what it takes to be the very best in the business. Kevin Steen would argue that point, and that is why we have the match booked and set for you right here in Binghamton!

AR FOX VS. Guero Loco

The current Evolve champion is back in 2CW, and he is here to take on the resident luchador, Guero Loco. This match promises to be a high-flying spectacular. AR Fox has only had a few matches inside a 2CW ring, but has become a huge fan favorite almost overnight. Speaking of fan favorites, Guero Loco has been here since day one, and is still one of the more popular wrestlers in Squared Circle Wrestling. He’s mainly wrestled in tag team matches in recent memory, but he is looking to reset his single’s career, and a victory over one of the hottest independent talents on the circuit will be that boost Guero Loco needs.

“Party Peacock” Dalton Castle VS. Jay Freddie VS. Colin Delaney VS. “Juggernaut” Jason Axe

All four of these men did not win their matches at 2CW’s 99 Problems, live on iPPV this past November. Jay Freddie’s leg was nearly destroyed by Kevin Steen, so much so that the referee had to call the match to save Freddie’s wrestling career. Dalton Castle wasn’t involved in the result of his Quadruple Conflict match, as it was a one-fall contest, unlike tonight’s elimination style match. Colin Delaney lost his 2CW championship match, against Isys Ephex to some controversy. “Juggernaut” Jason Axe is the only man in this match who didn’t lose his match, but Jason went to a 30-minute draw in an Iron-Man match against Johnny Gargano. One man will be able to walk away with the win, while the others continue their winless streak.

Punisher VanSlyke & Kevin “The Man” Graham, 2CW Tag Team Champions VS. CK (Sean Carr & Kage)

The last time 2CW was on iPPV, the main event of that show was the most controversial match in the entire history of 2CW. That’s saying something. The titles changed hands that evening, as CK lost the titles in a tables match against the new champions Punisher VanSlyke and Kevin Graham, and Ohio is 4 Killers. The ending of that match was the definition of controversy. Tonight, live in Binghamton, two of the three teams do it again. The former tag team champions, and hometown heroes, will face the new three-time champions in a rematch for the titles. There is absolutely NO telling what could happen in this match, here at the 100th show.

“Supercop” Dick Justice VS. “Captain” Nick Ando VS. Cheech VS. Shane Matthews VS. Scott Parker VS. ???

The rules of this match are simple, six men step into the ring. The first man to obtain a pinfall, or submission victory wins the match. This match is wrestled under Tornado Rules, which means there is no tags, all men are legal, first man to get the fall wins the match. 3.0 return to 2CW in this match, looking to gain some momentum into their title match tomorrow evening. Cheech, Dick Justice, Nick Ando all look towards that goal as well. The mystery man spot could very well be the winner of tonight’s earlier seminar with A.J. Styles. Could that person make a name for himself immediately in their (possibly) first 2CW match EVER?

“Studly” Steve McKenzie VS. Peter “Dirty Bomb” Order w/ Bin Hamin

This match is a preview of tomorrow evening’s main attraction, the 8-man tag team flag match. “Studly” will team with his Electric Dream Machine partner, Guero Loco, ZS3 and the team captain, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. They face off with Order’s team of E.M.T., Al Jazeera, and their captain, Bin Hamin. The winner of tonight’s contest could set the tone for that huge 8-man tomorrow evening!

ZSIII VS. Eric Mohammed Timmins w/ Bin Hamin

ZS3 still has a lot of issues with Bin Hamin. They have been battling for the better part of two years now. Tonight, Hamin sends in his soldier, E.M.T. These two have been on opposite sides of tag team matches before, and will again tomorrow evening. Can ZS3 gain a little revenge before the Flag match tomorrow, or can Hamin finally end the career of ZS3 before we get to Moosic (Scranton, PA)?

– Card for 2CW’s Pro Wrestling 101 in Moosic (Scranton), PA 3.15.2014

Isys Ephex, 2CW Champion VS. Capt. Nick Ando, Challenger

Your “Captain”, Nick Ando earned this title opportunity by his huge Quadruple Conflict match on the 99 Problems iPPV. That match didn’t specifically have a number one contender’s stipulation, but it was impressive to the point that the 2CW championship committee decided to award Ando the opportunity. Isys Ephex (assuming he was victorious the night before in Binghamton) will defend the title here against the relatively new comer. Ando has only been on a handful of shows, but has earned his way to this match. Ephex, “The Unicorn of this business” has stated he will take on all comers for his championship, and continues to be that fighting champion here this evening. Can he keep that title going into Living on the Edge IX?

“Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen VS. Jay Freddie

If you saw 99 Problems on iPPV last November, you know what this is all about. Kevin Steen tried to end the young career of Jay Freddie. The referee called the match that night, saving Freddie from a possible career ending injury. What will Kevin Steen pull out of that sick, evil mind to torture Freddie with? Has Freddie gotten himself into a situation he can’t get out of? Or has Freddie studied his opponent, and knowing what he is capable of, be able to use that knowledge against Steen?

Hacksaw’s 2 x 4’s (“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Guero Loco, “Studly” Steve McKenzie, & ZSIII) VS. Hamin’s Hackers (Bin Hamin, Eric Mohammed Timmins, Peter “Dirty Bomb” Order, & Al Jazeera)

This is the main attraction for tonight’s event. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan has returned to face off with Bin Hamin and his army one more time. This time, Duggan has brought a small army of his own, The Electric Dream Machine (Loco & McKenzie) and ZS3, as they face off with Hamin’s team of E.M.T., “Dirty Bomb” and Al Jazeera. This will definitely be a battle, with the winning team being able to show off their country’s flag.

Punisher VanSlyke & Kevin “The Man” Graham, 2CW Tag Team Champions VS. 3.0 (Shane Matthews & Scott Parker)

Once again, assuming that the tag team champions were successful in Binghamton, they will defend those titles against the challenge of 3.0. This isn’t the first time these two teams have battled for 2CW tag team titles. Punisher & Graham were successful that evening, but can history repeat itself? If you ask the champions, that’s a no-brainer, but 3.0 will have something to say about that. They are not to be overlooked, and could very well be the next 2CW tag team champions.

CK (Sean Carr & Kage) VS. The Exerguys (JP & M3)

CK will take on the debuting Exerguys. Carr & Kage, former 2CW tag team champions, could be carrying the titles if they were able to defeat the champions at Show #100 in Binghamton. If that is the case, this could very well be for the titles. The Exerguys, could walk right into a title match. They are from Any Gym near You, and are looking to defeat all the “out of shape” opponents out there. I don’t think you can say that about CK, but this promises to be another great tag team match from the greatest tag team division in the world of wrestling today.

“Slyck” Wagner Brown VS. Colin Delaney

Another match tonight that could be a title match depending on the results of 2CW’s 100th show. SWB could be defending the title belt against the challenge of Colin Delaney. Both men are championship caliber, and this could be the show stealer for sure. A main event anywhere in the world, these two will be battling for the title, or the next shot at the 2CW gold, who will step up and walk away the winner?

“Juggernaut” Jason Axe VS. “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle

The 2CW Iron-man, “Juggernaut” Jason Axe prepares for his next battle with Johnny Gargano at next month’s iPPV, Living on the Edge IX, he will battle the “Party Peacock.” Dalton Castle has been very impressive in 2013, and will only get better in 2014. Jason Axe has done it all in 2CW. He’s a former 2CW champion, tag team champion and Grand Prix champion. On his way back to the 2CW title picture, he’ll have to defeat this new challenge from Castle, as well as his 60-minute Iron-Man opponent, Johnny Gargano next month in Watertown, NY.

Mark Maverick VS. I.B. Green VS. AJ Evers

Two debuts here in this three way dance. Mark Maverick, “The Proof of Greatness” from Florida will battle Binghamton’s I.B. Green. Their opponent is A.J. Evers from close by Scranton, PA. Look for Maverick’s Mark of Greatness to earn himself the victory tonight. The Evers Effect is the trademark maneuver of AJ Evers. IB Green could use any number of favorite moves to try to earn the victory in this one-fall contest.

“Supercop” Dick Justice VS. Cheech

‘Merica’s favorite wrestler, Dick Justice will wrestle former 2CW tag team champion, Cheech. Dick Justice has had a tough year in 2013, as has Cheech. A big win here in Moosic could change their 2014 to a better, brighter year for one of these two young wrestlers. With Living on the Edge IX approaching next month, a win here could secure a big iPPV match, setting the course for a possible run towards the 2CW heavyweight championship.

– Tajiri returns to the United States of America on April 18th and 19th, for 2CW!! April 18th will be LIVE on iPPV from Watertown, NY! The next night is a live event returning to our HOME in Syracuse, NY!