3 Changes The WWE Divas Division Desperately Needs

The Divas Revolution took the WWE by storm. The fans were excited, emotions were running high and the divas were finally wrestling! However, the crown jewel of the Divas Revolution – the Bayley vs. Sasha Banks Iron Man main even, took place on NXT.  Yet again, NXT remains the face of change while the main roster action falls into stereotypes. What could the WWE do to improve the main Divas Division? Here are my top 3 suggestions!

Bring Queen Charlotte Back

Charlotte is the current reigning WWE Divas Champion. As the only champion in the division, that makes her the central pillar of the entire women’s action in the WWE. Therefore, building the right image for Charlotte is crucial.

On NXT, Charlotte was the Queen. Her character was defined by pride; her greatness was destined by birth. She carried herself with dignity. As a pure blue blood, Charlotte would always hold herself on a level higher than the rest. She looked down upon them not because she was condescending or arrogant, but because she was simply genetically superior in every aspect.

On the main roster, Charlotte’s soft. For some bizarre reason, as soon as she became champion, the WWE decided to turn her into a pink, sparkling, tear-jerker of a character. Her gimmick is so sugar-coated that it leaves a bitter taste. Ironically, Charlotte has never look as weak as she does now, with the WWE’s most precious Divas gold around her waist.

Nikki might be a total diva in every aspect; however, she was a great champion. She got heat every time she went out in the ring because she excels at being a heel. Undoubtedly, Charlotte is a better wrestler but the fans are turning on her, despite her best efforts to play face. The only way to fix this issue is to bring Queen Charlotte back. That strong, dominant character fits the Divas Champion like a glove. It complements her wrestling style and it is bound to get the crowd to back her up once again.

Divas Tag Team Titles

It’s blatantly obvious that the Divas Revolution has turned into a series of tag team matches that lead nowhere. The one and only end goal for all the ladies is the Divas Championship. This makes teaming up look very strange. Inevitably, only one diva per team comes to shine; the rest are just her shadows. This is definitely not the way to go forward if all divas are to get the time and attention they deserve.

However, we have to be conscious of the fact that the divas have always and most probably will always get less time per show than the superstars. Although this might seem unfair, it is the reality and we have to deal with it. They don’t have too much time for non-title related storylines. Then again, we are seeing more and more shows with two divas matches in them. Why don’t we make both of them relevant?

Creating a Divas Tag Team title would solve this issue. Not all teams and stables need to be broken. Some of them can start feuding over the newly discovered gold. The rest can target the Divas Championship. This will bring the Divas Division much closer to the Male Division with little to no change in the length of the time-slots that the WWE has designated to the ladies.  It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Please, don’t let it be Paige!

The Divas Division is predictable. You can see face/heel turns form far and the storytelling is so weak that you can either accurately predict who’s going to win a match, or you simply don’t care who’ll come on top. This needs to stop. It’s not that difficult to keep the feuds entertaining, just bring in the element of surprise.

A good example of this would be the “Who attacked Natalya?” dilemma from SmackDown. Paige’s erratic, childish behavior and not-so-believable excuses point all fingers at her. The WWE could go two ways from here. Either, they’ll have Charlotte and Becky play clueless and naïve, not realizing it was Paige, or they’ll take us all by surprise by making Paige look guilty but in the end having us find out that someone has been framing her throughout.

We could have Paige on a journey to prove her innocence. She might suspect the Bellas or Team B.A.D. but in the end it could turn out to be Nattie herself faking the incidents, in order to ruin Paige’s relationship with Charlotte and Becky and take her place. That, however, could be uncovered when Nattie turns on Charlotte and steals the title away from her, restarting their heritage-centred feud.

The Divas Division has the potential to become just as intriguing as the rest of the roster. The Paige/Nattie issue is only an example. Writing watchable storylines isn’t impossible. The fans want to be surprised by intelligent twists that seem as if they’ve come out of nowhere at firs, but then are actually explained and make perfect sense when all the dots are connected.


There certainly are different things that can be improved in the Divas Division but working on those core 3 would be a good start.


What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised

  • Steve Trenholm

    great ideas…you should definitely be on WWE’s creative team for Divas storylines.

  • Steve Trenholm

    agree that Charlotte appears weaker now that she is on WWE’s main roster, hopefully this changes soon as I’m tired of WWE giving Bellas the spotlight while the other divas are treated as an afterthought.

  • Steve Trenholm

    The Bellas & Paige storylines need to either improve or fade away…I want to see WWE building up both Charlotte & Sasha Banks now…A Paige vs Sasha Banks feud appeared to be building, but WWE has since dropped what could have been a great storyline for Sasha Banks & Paige…Now with the recent attack on Natalya by Team Bad, I’m actually hoping this sets up a feud between Natalya & Sasha Banks…Only time will tell if WWE will actually do something with this potential feud or are simply throwing out another tease than dropping it and doing something completely different…either way WWE needs to build up their top two Divas at this point Charlotte & Sasha Banks.


    There aren’t enough divas to justify three champions and three number one contenders.