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3MB Member Hints At Drew McIntyre’s Repackaging

It seems as though WWE is moving forward with repackaging Drew McIntyre and removing him from 3MB. Fellow 3MB member Jinder Mahal has gone on twitter and called out McIntyre, as if hinting at McIntyre’s desertion from the group.

Mahal posted:

Is there a reason you’re avoiding me and Heath?? Why am I hearing crazy rumors ?? #WheresDrew#RewardOffered


  • kyle

    …and not a care was given.

    • Daniel

      Maybe not by you but A LOT of people do care and are happy about this

    • Robb Maynard

      Yeah, maybe Marks won’t care, but the rest of us will. McIntyre is probably one of the top guys fanboys have been begging to receive a push. I’d just be happy to see him stop jobbing.

    • Praying Mantis

      kyle, STFU! No one is FORCING you to give your UNnecessary opinion. So, do us McIntyre fans a favor and go straight to HELL!

  • MinusDarrin

    Finally, maybe WWE will let Drew reach his full potential. I would love for The Chosen One to come back. Drew McIntyre is a lot more talented than anyone gives him credit for, including WWE.

  • Wrestling-Dog

    Do WWE think we will take it seriously if he start winning now?

    • Robb Maynard

      Do you know anything about pushes? Characters go from winning to losing to winning at a whim all the time, its usually explained by a change in attitude, focus, and aggression. Macs is much less aggressive than his Chosen One gimmick, in which he had been very successful.

      • Wrestling-Dog

        I do yes. He has been defined down way to far.

        A change in attitude is not enough to explain not being able to beat one person when you are with two other stars to beating anyone on your own.
        He and the rest of 3MB have jobbed to people such as Sgt Slaughter, Lita and the little bull last night.
        No way back.

        • Robb Maynard

          No, a change in attitude is precisely enough. Hes focusing on the “band” instead of his career. He might get a push, I still don’t know if fans would welcome him, he was very over even before, hes just well liked among smarks. But even within 3MB, he was booked as the only formidable one.

        • Praying Mantis

          Well, SLATER has jobbed to Lita, NOT Drew. I’d kick Amy Dumbasses ass if she DARED maked Drew job to her ugly ass.

          • Wrestling-Dog

            As a three they jobbed to Sheamus on his own.

  • Robb Maynard

    I would love if he got paired up with Barrett, a european stable of sorts, and maybe Sheamus returns in a few months and joins. Ive been begging for that for like more than a year.

    • Edward Solomon Jr

      You know it’s funny Barrett is out and so is Drew too so hopefully they come up with his group that they made WWE 12 video game it featured shamus wade barrett drew mcintyre and william regal and they will call the united kingdom it was a cool storyline and would be funny if they form this group on raw tonight


      • Robb Maynard

        With Regal that’d be so sick. I remember Macs and Sheamus having a brief tag team together… Very brief.

  • Total Wafflez

    Drew and Wade as a tag team!! Or have Drew become a heavyweight contender!

    • Praying Mantis

      I like that, but instead of Wade Barrett, make it SHEAMUS! And Heavyweight champion, sounds PERFECT!

      • Total Wafflez

        Sheamus has been champion before time to have someone new and fresh who has not been champion yet.. I personally would love to see Drew be champion he’s a great heel when he was on TV..

  • Ruandy Torres

    poor guys been in the doghouse for a few years now.Mostly because of his ex-wife Taryn Terrell.

  • Praying Mantis