CM Punk : 7 Reasons WWE Won The Battle Against CM Punk


WWE has emerged victorious. In it’s battle against CM Punk they have looked every bit the victor as Punk has looked indifferent. While we may never know what led to Punk walking out before Wrestlemania season like Bad News Brown in a Survivor Series match, we definitely saw how WWE has moved forward without him.

In the court of public opinion, and pages of the IWC, WWE was slandered by CM Punk fans for everything, while knowing nothing. Punk was defended better than the Denver Broncos in this years Superbowl, by fans who simply wouldn’t accept him possibly being at fault.

As the months have passed, WWE took the criticism and responded in the only way they know…The Show Must Go On. They gave fans the Wrestlemania main event moment of their dreams, and dared them to not enjoy it. They rolled into Chicago twice, and emerged unscathed by an audience that proved to be fighting a battle way above their weight class. They’ve done everything but show a highlight reel of everything after the Royal Rumble, with the words, “And You’re Still Chanting For CM Punk?” at the end of the video.

While CM Punk could eventually return to fans that will welcome him with open arms, his exile will never be forgotten about. He single handedly changed WWE’s direction at it’s biggest show ever, Wrestlemania 30. While pretty much disregarding what it meant to anyone else.

Here are 7 Reasons WWE won the battle against CM Punk.


7. Wrestlemania 30 Was A Classic Without Him

At Wrestlemania 30, Daniel Bryan wrapped up the greatest storyline in ages by besting Triple H in the best opening contest since Bret vs Owen, and winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event against Randy Orton and Batista. Bryan was able to reach the level that eluded Punk for so long. If Punk was watching, I’d guess he felt some type of way about this.

John Cena and Bray Wyatt clashed in a hard hitting contest that was the opening chapter of their compelling feud. Cena stepping down to the mid-card at Wrestlemania was the antithesis of what CM Punk did.  Cena never really got credit for this, while folks defended a wrestler that wasn’t on the card.

Paul Heyman’s client Brock Lesnar conquered The Streak. While the match wasn’t what fans had hoped for stylistically, a moment that will stand the test of time was created. When The Undertaker’s shoulders didn’t come off the mat, fans completely forgot about mockingly chanting CM Punk. The humanization of The Undertaker > guy that walked out.

Other happenings included Cesaro’s victory in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, The Shield’s destruction of the Attitude Era, and the most epic start to a Wrestlemania ever witnessed when Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock met in the center of the ring to sing the praises of the next generation. CM Punk only lingered over Wrestlemania. 20 years from now, someone watching WM 30 by itself would have no clue one of the biggest stars in the company at the time was missing.

CM Punk walking out gave birth one of the 3 best Wrestlemania’s ever. Who would have guessed that?


6. A Roster Full Of Talent Ready To Break Through

Punk’s immense place on the card has been filled by younger, hungrier, more determined superstars in his absence. Guys like Cesaro, The Shield, The Wyatt Family and The Usos have all upped their game, and fans have willingly thrown their support behind them. Even further down the roster, NXT is loaded with more prospects than ever.

In all honesty, we could be on the verge of the biggest talent boom since WWE purchased WCW. It’s kind of like in baseball, where a team initially finds it tough to replace a big bat that is no longer is with the team. At first it is a struggle, but eventually they find value in other areas to replicate his success with a combo of other guys.

If CM Punk does come back, he will have a host of new elevated opponents. If not, we’ll continue to publish articles about him until he breaks down emotionally and announces return via tout.


5. History Is Written By The Victors

The longer this glaring silence exists, WWE will be able to tell the story. History is written by the victors. Just look at how WWE describes WCW and ECW since their death. We’ve gotten “Rise and Fall” DVD’s about both companies. The only thing stopping CM Punk from getting one of those dedicated to him is his rumored “good” relationship with Vince McMahon.

WWE has the ability to produce brainwashing propaganda. Just look at the promo videos for HHH leading into Wrestlemania. It would be the easy thing to lob a grenade saying “Oh Triple H really doesn’t like CM Punk, so I’m sure he’ll bury him!”, but no one really knows that for sure. Triple H, on and off screen is committed to doing whats best for business. He laid down for Daniel Bryan, killed any argument that he buries people, and is single handedly spearheading the NXT movement. Blasting CM Punk could ruin his long term value forever, and WWE likes money.

So what may prove more effective than anything, is silence. Long, debilitating, awkward, silence. Eventually, the support of most fans will swing toward WWE as long as they keep producing awesome television. As for Punk, his voice will only effect those that will listen to him. If he waits too long, that audience may diminish rapidly.


4. How WWE Handled Their Trips To Chicago

Stop me if you read this back in March.

“The fans in Chicago are going to hi-jack RAW!”

“They will chant CM Punk the entire night!”

“They Will Boo EVERYTHING!!”

Well it was a good plan, until WWE sent out Paul Heyman for perhaps the most pressure moment of his career. He entered to CM Punk’s Cult Of Personality theme song, and cut a truthful kayfabed interview that ended up being promotion for Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. From that moment on, the crowd seemed subdued as WWE put on a PPV quality event that included The Wyatt Family facing The Shield, Daniel Bryan squaring off with Batista, and The Usos finally reaching the apex of the Tag Team division. Besides those stellar match-ups, Sheamus defeated Christian, and Dolph Ziggler handled Alberto Del Rio.

By the end of the night, the Chicago crowd had been figuratively powerbombed by WWE’s superior booking, and how they attacked the CM Punk issue head on. The only time he’s been mentioned since was the next time they went to Chicago 3 months later, where Stephanie McMahon proclaimed “Chicago wants you to quit like CM Punk did!” to Daniel Bryan.

That same night featured what will go down as The Shield’s final act as a trio, and an acclaimed Last Man Standing match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

WWE met and conquered the challenge of CM Punk’s home crowd, and won them over on both trips to the Windy City. Despite the absence of CM Punk.


3. The Yes Movement Made Punk Expendable

After Wrestlemania 29, CM Punk took two months off to recover from his long title reign and Wrestlemania performance. During this time, the genesis of the Yes Movement was happening. Each night Daniel Bryan was bringing the noise to any match he was in, and staking his claim as the best performer in the business. CM Punk would never get those two months back.

Summerslam 2013 was the last time we would see Daniel Bryan and CM Punk on an equal playing field. After his incredible match against Lesnar, Punk was shuffled into feuds with Curtis Axel, Ryback and Paul Heyman that generally bored the audience. Punk pretty much knew it too, as it looked like he was slapping a 43 cent stamp on each match.

Conversely Daniel Bryan was participating in the greatest long arching underdog story ever seen. No matter what happened he was the shining star of each broadcast. Although Punk would never admit it, he probably looked at Bryan’s ascension and asked himself where he fit in the hierarchy of WWE. At best he was the #3 face in WWE, something that clearly didn’t sit well with him.

WWE gave Bryan the chance to shine in the main event of Wrestlemania, and he pretty much scooped most of the fans that CM Punk abandoned. WWE found a new small indy guy that was no where near as tough to please. Once again, the only person that lost is CM Punk.

2. Radical Punk Fans Are Still Investing In WWE

CM Punk has one of the most radical fan bases ever, and for good reason. CM Punk succeeded in a system that wasn’t designed for him to rise to the top. Without question he is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Along that journey, CM Punk garnered fans that would never abandon him, even as he did ridiculous things that any other wrestler would have gotten crucified for.

He put his hands on fans, BLADED ON LIVE TELEVISION, and walked out the day after the Royal Rumble but and never ONCE got questioned. CM Punk was always doing the right thing. Yeah right.

But as the Punk chants continue, all it proves is that his fans are still spending money, and time on WWE. If those fans really want to make a statement, they should try not watching. Something tells me doing that would have the same effect their chants are having, none at all.

Next time you attend a live event, look for those people chanting for Punk and just glare at them. I’m betting they’ll stop.


1. CM Punk Doesn’t Care To Win

It’s hard for CM Punk to win when he doesn’t seem to care at all about it. Honestly, have we heard him refer to anything in wrestling in the last 6 months? CM Punk made his long awaited return to twitter after 5 months, and was bombarded by fans who were annoyed with him tweeting about Hockey. You almost have to wonder if Punk is trolling everyone on purpose. He’s one of the least, most self aware people in the wrestling industry. He claims he wants privacy, but goes on The Walking Dead? He shows up wearing hockey jerseys to nationally televised playoff games. He’d rather answer a mascot than acknowledge millions of fans who worship the ground he walks on. CM Punk cares about CM Punk.

WWE has proved what CM Punk said in his pipe bomb promo. He was just a spoke on the wheel and the company would keep going. However it was hard to know that they would succeed to this extent. CM Punk helped save WWE in 2011, but never figured out what was next after he was tasked with not being the man. Those two months he took off after Wrestlemania 29 was a preview of now, and it seems like WWE was prepared for it.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • RC

    Five out of the seven reasons have nothing to do with Punk at all. The summation of this article is that time goes on. Each party went their separate ways; thus, doing what makes most sense to them personally and professionally.

    Good try, Rich.

    • Richard Latta II

      you’re correct, the article is about WWE rising over him, and WWE has more going on than just punk…this is kind of a microcosm of that

      • pancho

        Microcosm is too big of a word for us wrasslin folks. We take things literally pretty much all the time. Lol. Anyway, good read.

  • George Solorio

    I love this article. but in the end i think Phil “Cm Punk” Brooks is just a normal human being like any of us. he gave out great memories but now he is entitled to walk away. no one can blame him. Most Wrestling fans are just too hot headed.

    • Richard Latta II

      thanks george, yeah punk fans will defend him likes gods only begotten wrestler. Im a huge Punk fan myself but I’m also a realist

  • Darren

    This is idiotic. They won? What did they win? It’s not a competition if 1 of the parties doesn’t give a fuck.

    • theripperdannyb

      The fight isnt against Punk, its against the idiot fans that still continue to chant for him, they won that one

      • Darren

        I can agree with that, but they didn’t win anything against Punk himself.

        • Richard Latta II

          well, imagine if this was a boxing match where Punk refused to defend himself…he still loses right?

          • Darren

            Except that’s a competition. This is not.

            Besides Punk got what he wanted so how can that be a loss for him?

          • Richard Latta II

            Well, if its rest he did get it…but he didn’t get to headline wrestlemania which i KNOW he wanted

          • Darren

            Yeah and he wasn’t going to get it this year anyways, so how can he lose what he was never going to get. That’s a career achievement that he didn’t get and I’m sure he’s disappointed about it, but in the context of Punk and WWE since January it’s irrelevant. Punk was tired of WWE and the BS that he felt he had to deal with and was clearly miserable at work so he went home and WWE let him.

  • Bryan

    Yea but for some reason, the WWE is still throwing subliminal shots at cm punk. And the main even scene is in piss poor condition. And you wanna say that they moved on?. Well obviously they’re moving backwards since they’re going to give the title to cena again. None of the new guys can even win a feud against ths guy, let alone get a clean victory.

    • pancho

      Sure. They threw some jabs because he quit right before the big dance. Took his ball and went home. He deserves those “few” jabs since he decided to handle it that way. Im not saying what he did was wrong but he made it a weee bit messy. His choice. There are always consequences. Besides he most likely doesnt give a shit anyway. And it is a way for WWE to keep him in our minds a bit in case he does decide to return. Most of the jabs were ways to quiet the Punk marks anyway. So, no harm.

      I believe we will see the main event scene pick up quite a bit soon. I dont buy that Cena is walking out MITB champ either.

  • thatpj

    I don’t think it was a “battle “. I think he just got tired of the grind and quit.

  • Laurence

    Wrestlemania was a classic because of cm punk. If he hadn’t walked we were going to have triple h vs punk and Orton vs Batista. When he left he forced WWE to go with Bryan.
    The yes movement was only acknowledged by WWE because punk left.
    The new breed only got their shot because punk walked. One of the reasons he walked allegedly is because he was angry at tv time being given to part timers.
    And I also believe he left because he got no answer to the question about pay checks for Ppvs with the network and look… Talent still haven’t been paid for Wrestlemania or other Ppvs.
    So surely punk has own by proving WWE needed to change?

    • Richard Latta II

      I’m sure CM Punk was thinking of others lol…sarcasm

      • Laurence

        Haha, yes, true. I just meant that the WWE was forced into the scenarios by Punk leaving. If he hadn’t left, the landscape of WWE today would be very different.
        Interestingly though, they haven’t released him. You’d have thought he would have saved them a lot of money if they released him. Which makes me think this is a work where they’ve let him rest up before one final big run maybe in 2015. I don’t know exactly how their contracts work but even if he was released, they would still make money off his merchandise. Probably more as they wouldn’t have to split it with him. Food for thought anyway.

  • jmull

    I was prepared to shit all over this article, but it is actually pretty good. His return will be fucking epic though.

    • Richard Latta II

      appreciate it

  • Richard Latta II

    Thanks for taking time to comment on my work folks, it isn’t an easy topic to address

    • Wrestling_fan

      Great article & couldn’t agree more. More & more people should read this!
      Liked the fact that you started your article with “While we may never know what led to Punk walking out”, unlike others who give their opinions as if they were actually present in the room when punk left.


  • Texas

    If CM Punk really cared about anyone other than himself, he wouldn’t have left the way that he did. The so-called “Voice of the voiceless,” left his masses without a voice…Where’s the love in that? If CM Punk thought that the WWE world was going to stop moving if/when he left, then he absolutely lost something. The thing is it seems like he got what he wanted, WWE is thriving, they’re ok. Looks like all is left for us. Those fans that paid for AJ’s wedding ring. Love CM Punk….but he is just like an ordinary guy…..selfish. Ummmm good bye to you too, thanks for coming over and eating my food. I’ll be sure to wash your dishes! WWE might not deserve better, but my pocketbook definitely does.

  • Cage

    It’s a battle if the two parties were competing against each other. Punk wanted wrestling to get better and wanted newer guys to be in main event. He was vocal about WWE not giving Daniel the title when he was red hot. The slow build to Wrestlemania did make the event better, but soon, Bryan got put in a shitty feud and got injured and rest is history.
    The man was not into wrestling anymore, hence he walked out. He never said anything bad about the company since he left. Sure, him walking prior to Wrestlemania was not the wisest thing to do.
    Whether WWE could benefit from Punk’s return, absolutely! Whether they can survive without him, of course, they can. They survived after Austin/Rock left. And Punk would perhaps be happy to see The Shield succeed as singles stars and changing landscape after Wrestlemania.
    Whether he is coming back or not only time will tell. I find your article quite pointless. He does owe fans an explanation, which I believe we will get in a matter of time.
    And Wrestlemania 30 was not even close to Wrestlemania 28 in terms of quality. Bryan stole the show of course, but it will always be remembered as the event where Taker lost to Lesnar in less than an average match. Punk’s departure was definitely conspicuous during Wrestlemania.
    WWE might have done lot of things right post Wrestlemania, like the booking of Shield, IC/US titles. But they fucked up Batista’s return. They have done lot of things wrong as well.

  • Cage

    Also comment and write blogs on this situation, when both the parties i.e. WWE and CM Punk have got their stories out. I do not see any blogs on AJ Lee, when is she coming back.

    Punk story has been beat to death countless number of times. The fact that you are pointing out his other media appearances means you are still being bitter.

    What if WWE has asked Punk to keep quiet about his departure until his contract expires?
    It’s all speculation as of now. After Meltzer’s false report on him coming back during March edition of Chicago RAW, I am not taking any of these dirt sheets seriously.

  • TheJakeWaller

    listen, CM Punk is a master manipulator, whether it is us fans, or the company, I don’t like the fact he’s left, but he knows exactly what he’s doing, and more than likely still getting paid to do so.