A Fan’s Outlook: Random Thoughts On WWE And Impact Wrestling

We, as proud wrestling fans, have our opinions on most of the aspects of the wide world of professional wrestling. Many others have an opinion too, and this sums up for epic debates.

While I take my mind off my regular studies and jump into the dynasty of wresting, I seem to enjoy every moment of my fantasy. I seem to enjoy the fact that hours feel like seconds, while I talk about wrestling. Everyday, after school, the only topic we discuss is wrestling. We have a lot of wrestling fanatics, and you might as well call me one.

Mostly, we have a lot of debates. Some end prettily, while others end in huge fights. While thinking about all this, a couple of thoughts struck my mind. I have my own opinions too, and I would like to express them, and since I have the publishing credentials on EGW, I bring you a few of my thoughts on WWE and TNA. I will specify why I feel the way. For example, if I write, “Jinder Mahal Is The Best Pure Wrestler Of All Time”, I will explain why I think so. And note, these are my opinions, so it may/may not be true.You have a right to debate these with me, in the comments section. So, hurry up, and start commenting!

So, without further ado, let’s begin. You’re in for a crazy ride.

Drew McIntyre Bores Me To Death

Not to offend any Drew McIntyre fan-boys, but Drew McIntyre has no such thing called charisma. In my opinion, that man is the most boring wrestler in all of the WWE right now.Yes, you heard that right. Not John Laurinaitis. Not David Otunga. Not Teddy Long. This man.

You may tell me that he shows a lot of charisma in the ring, or he is a good wrestler in the ring, but well then, so is Alberto Del Rio. Where is he going now? Drew McIntyre needs that spark to set him off. He needs that shining light. He needs a thumbs up from the Creative team.

Give him a manager, teach him how to cut promos, but WWE, come on, please do something. This man could be your mid-card/upper mid-card guy, he needs that push.That’s for later, though. Right now, Drew McIntyre is boring.

Give me one moment that has made you say, “Man, Drew McIntyre is full of charisma” or “Drew’s made me watch this show”. I have never said that and will probably never say that in my life. To be honest, Drew McIntyre is boring.

I Actually Miss Batista

Don’t you? Yeah, I heard a negative answer. I guess I’m the only one who wants Batista back in the WWE, and I stand by it. Batista can give us a good match, and unlike Drew McIntyre, he actually has charisma. He can entertain the crowd extremely well.

Another fact that there is that Batista can make anyone feud with him and make him look like a million bucks. Wait, don’t go and bash me in the comments section, please read on further.Remember the end of Batista’s WWE tenure? He was feuding with John Cena. And boy, oh boy, did he make Cena seem really strong. Did you listen to the promos he cut when we were close to the showdown between Batista and Cena at WM 26? Or when Batista criticized Cena when he won, at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules? Exactly my point. (Best line of that promo was, “Duct tape? Are you serious?)

To sum it up, Batista is a great talent and WWE needs him. Or probably it’s just me and I miss him on my TV screen. Whatever the fact may be, Batista was terrific and a return would certainly be epic.

I Still Can’t Believe Chris Masters Was Fired

I know that these thoughts are pretty controversial, but first, hear me out on this one. I was always intrigued over Chris Masters and his persona. He looked like he could play a great heel, and also a pretty good face.

His firing was just due to WWE not having any idea for him. That is horrible, since he has the look, he just needed a proper gimmick. The Master Lock challenge was a brilliant move, and now he’s using that in Ring Ka King to gain massive heat.

I just wish that he would get a proper chance to showcase his talents. In my opinion, he could at least be an upper mid-card wrestler.

Sin Cara Needs A Manager

Now this one is fairly obvious. Sin Cara cannot speak English. Simply put, he can’t get himself over with the American crowd. His repeated botches aren’t helping too. The point I’m trying to make is that eery wrestler needs to gain credibility, and that can be done by putting oneself over. Sin Cara can’t do it, so someone needs to do it for him.

Let’s take a look at Dolph Ziggler for a moment. He could speak English perfectly, but still couldn’t generate a positive/negative reaction. WWE aligned him with Vickie Guerrero. Let’s fast forward to the present now. Dolph Ziggler, on his own, can get a pretty good reaction, and not only that, his mic skills have tremendously improved ever since.

My suggestion is, get some Mexican guy who can speak English fluently and pair him up with Sin Cara. You’ve got a match here. I know Cara is injured presently, but a return with a manager could be pretty good. Now if he only learnt how to wrestle without botches..

Vickie Is Just Not Meshing With Swagger

Now that we’re on the topic of managers, let’s talk about Jack Swagger. He has the look, he has the body, he has the mic skills (well, they’re above average), and now all he needs is a reaction. WWE paired him with Vickie Guerrero, to try to recreate the magic of Ziggler-Guerrero with Swagger-Guerrero. I firmly believe that it’s not working.

Swagger needs a manager who can support him, and well, be of Swagger’s type. I would personally hope for Sgt. Slaughter, or Hacksaw Jim Duggan. They fit the mold perfectly, and no one else other than Kurt Angle could better them. Swagger would need to turn face in order for this to happen. I’d root for him as a face, though.

I’ll admit, Vickie Guerrero got him on Raw and made him a US Champion, but come on, Vickie can’t do anything for him now, except screech in his matches, which isn’t a pretty sight, at all. Remove Vickie, turn him face, and make him go solo, or replace Guerrero with the choices mentioned above.

Micheal Cole Is The Best Commentator On Raw And Smackdown Right Now

Face it. The title is self-explanatory. Micheal Cole is the best commentator on Raw and Smackdown right now. You feel like bombarding me right now, don’t you? Before you do that, let’s take a quick survey of the announce teams of both Raw and Smackdown.

Raw: a) Micheal Cole- A bit over the top, but his words can really put over a guy, but they can also bury a guy right away. For example, Titus O’Neil. He turned heel after defeating Darren Young, and instead of praising him like he normally does, he went on to bash him and said that he couldn’t learn how to cut a promo in 46 weeks of his time. No one takes him seriously since then.

b) Jerry Lawler- Need I say more? He needs to hang up his boots already. He first used to make fat jokes on Vickie Guerrero, but I guess that stopped after looking at Kharma. He’d piss in his pants if he’d make one on her. But seriously, all he says is that he wants Divas, or he just bashes Cole. Wait, chuck the word “bashes”, and replace it with “gets owned”.

Smackdown: a)Micheal Cole: Same as Raw

b) Booker T: He could be called as a fun commentator, and he also knows the business in and out, but the problem is that he gets a little too excited. I’m all for commentators being excited about the sport, but he takes it to another extent. He is good, but is also not audible to some. I’d say that he needs some work, and then he’s set.

c) Josh Matthews: Again, a great announcer, he actually focuses on the matches and the storylines, unlike Booker and Cole, who wander off in their own little debates. Just like Matt Striker and William Regal, this guy is the future of commentary, but currently, he doesn’t stand a chance against Cole.

The reason I haven’t included NXT and Superstars is that they’re the sidelined shows, and WWE doesn’t consider them as important. But, if those two shows were added too, I’d say William Regal be the best out of all.

But until now, I firmly believe that Micheal Cole is the best right now.

Samoa Joe Is The Most Deserving Guy To Win The Big One Right Now

Samoa Joe is one of the top talents in Impact Wrestling. From the day that he stepped into TNA, most people have been betting on him to become the next big thing. They’ve dubbed him as the future, and as a savior to TNA.

Joe is a great athlete, to be honest. He is really agile, he can also grapple, and has an immense amount of potential. The fact that he has won only one world title in his run in TNA is terrible. This man is deserving of another, and probably many, many more reigns. He won the tag team title, but he needs to get the big fish now.

Right now, he is in a tag team with Magnus. That is working pretty well for now, but once they split, Samoa Joe needs to go after the world title while Magnus can go after the TV title. To sum it up, Samoa Joe is the next man to win the gold, in my opinion. On a side note, I love how Jeremy Borash introduces Samoa Joe. I don’t know why, but it’s great.

I See Nothing In Crimson

Some people call Crimson charismatic. Some call him athletic. Some call him the future. I call him boring.

You could consider him as the same as Drew McIntyre. TNA has given this guy a long winning streak, but he certainly doesn’t deserve it. I would’ve liked if that same streak was given to a different wrestler, like Kazarian or Daniels. Giving it to him is pointless.

He is also being compared to Goldberg. Quoting Zack Ryder here, “Are you serious, bro?”. He could be a good TV champ, but thinking of him being a world champion is just absurd. He’s in a good position now, unlike Drew McIntyre.

I can see him reaching the mid card, or even upper mid-card status, but never, ever, the main event. He, in my eyes, can never be a main eventer. Add to that is his horrible theme song. Gunner has a much better chance at reaching the main event status, rather than him.

The Impact Wrestling Commentary Team Should Change

I find TNA’s commentary a lot better than WWE’s, for the fact that they actually call the moves by their names and call the match properly, without getting involved in terrible debates or other gimmicks. But, this commentary team has got monotonous, over the past few weeks. Which, made me think about changing the commentary team.

Now, I’d like to frame out a proper commentary team with a heel announcer, a face announcer, and a play-by-play announcer. Yep, it is a three-man announce table. Now, this would not mention Paul Heyman or some other fantasy the wrestling fans would like to have. This would be a realistic team, in which all the commentators are involved with TNA.

My team will have Scott Steiner, Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash. It may sound absurd, but it could be a well-organized team. On one side we’ll have the experienced veteran, Scott Steiner, who will be the heel commentator, followed by Jeremy Borash, the face commentator. The play-by-play man would be Mike Tenay, who’s doing a good job right now in TNA. Think about it. Scott has exceptional mic skills, and he could be really used at the commentary table. Mike and Borash have natural chemistry, and they will be good in their respective roles.

TNA Has Hit A Home Run With Ring Ka King

I know, I’ve said this way too many times, but this is the reality. TNA have been wise enough to explore the Indian fans. This is the first ever Indian pro wrestling show, so it’s bound to be exciting fans all over the historical country. I, for one, couldn’t be much happier to see a wrestling show head my way.

Bound by an exciting roster, Ring Ka King is a promising show which is entertaining the fans in India. A big platform has been provided to the Indian counterparts to prove themselves, on the grand stage. Some of the Indian stars are probably being groomed to go to Impact Wrestling.

This show has ensured great ratings, and has made most casual fans watch. Whether it’s being impressed by Scott Steiner’s arms, or Chavo Guerrero’s wrestling ability, the people have enjoyed this show since it’s launch. It will be perfect to say that Ring Ka King has found it’s home, in India. To sum up Ring Ka King in three words, let me just say this, “Tremendous, Natural and Amazing”. Yep, that’s how impressed I am by this concept. By the way, did you notice that the three words started with T, N and A respectively?


There is no other sport like wrestling which can make people debate for hours, without getting bored. We all love wrestling, and we’re extremely proud to admit it. To be noted, these opinions were solely mine, and they may/may not be correct.

I’d really appreciate if you would comment or like this article, but at your will. If you haven’t yet, please register at this site and you’re sure to have a good time commenting, and maybe writing here. As always, thanks for the read, guys. It’s always appreciated.

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