A.J. Kirsch On His Elimination From Tough Enough, Future & More

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Despite his elimination from WWE Tough Enough, why it was important for him to “go out on a positive note”: “I’ve had the chance to really absorb it and take in all the feedback from the fans. I was lucky enough to go out on a positive note. I won the skills competition with my promo. Last week was the first time I saw the episode, so to see the trainers talking about it, that was the first time I saw them talking about it. To see that put a huge smile on my face, even though I knew what was coming. I feel like I made an impact with that promo, and I don’t think I could have gone out on a higher note.”

His reaction to the controversy surrounding Christina Crawford’s elimination from the program and his response to the fans that feel it was his fault that she suffered her ankle injury, which was one of the contributing factors to her being voted off the show: “I think it’s a little unfair to say that I caused the injury that she suffered. I’ll admit I was out of position, I was a little closer to the turnbuckle than I should have been when she came off the top, which compromised the amount of movement she had and put her her in more of a precarious position than she needed to be. I completely take responsibility for that part of my involvement, but when something happens in the ring, it’s never one person’s fault. Both of us shared equal parts of blame when it came to her injury.”

Who he feels will win next Monday night’s WWE Tough Enough season finale: “I think Luke is going to win. He’s got the most experience of the two remaining contestants. I think he’s got a good look, he’s in great shape, and most importantly, the fans already hate him. He already has that relationship with the fans, which is something some guys struggle with for months, if not years to learn.”

Much more is contained in A.J.’s exclusive interview with The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, including his candid thoughts and comments on what he feels is next for him in his quest to become a WWE Superstar, whether or not he would consider joining iMPACT Wrestling or Ring of Honor if the opportunity presented itself, if continuing in the world of reality television could possibly be in his future, the greatest lesson he personally and professionally learned from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the trainers (Booker T, Trish Stratus, and Bill DeMott), plus much more! Mayhem Nation: Follow what lies ahead for A.J.’s career by joining his official Facebook Fan Page (located at www.Facebook.com/AJKirschFan) and by following him right now on Twitter (at www.Twitter.com/AJKirsch). It’s down to Luke vs. Andy: Who will be crowned the WWE Tough Enough champion? Tune in to the USA Network next Monday night (beginning at 8PM ET/7PM CT), as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will have the final word when he announces the winner live on Raw.