A Look At WWE Ratings, Attendance & Web Stats From March 2013 Compared To March 2014


- Below are some WWE business numbers from March 2014, compared to March 2013:

* WWE averaged 7,190 paid fans per show at their live events in March 2014, up 5.5% from 6,816 in March 2013.

* RAW ratings dropped from a 3.29 rating and 4.67 million viewers on average in March 2013 to a 3.10 rating and 4.32 million viewers in March 2014. This is a 5.8% drop in ratings and a 7.5% drop in viewers.

* SmackDown ratings increased from an average 2.00 rating with 2.78 million viewers in March 2013 to an average 2.03 rating and 2.88 million viewers in March 2014. This is a 1.5% increase in ratings and a 3.6% increase in audience.

* WWE shipped 792,000 DVD units to retail in March 2013, compared to 542,000 in March 2014. This is a 31.6% drop.

* WWE went from 13.9 million unique website visitors in March 2013 to 22.2 million in March 2014. This is an increase of 59.7%.

* WWE’s website processed 1,161 shop orders per day in March 2014, up from 903 in March 2013. This is a 28.6% increase.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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