Advertised WWE TLC Pay-Per-View Matches, John Cena Injured On WWE Raw

– Local advertisements in the New York area were promoting John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk vs. Ryback for WWE TLC.

– John Cena hurt his ankle on tonight’s episode of Raw after he landed on it awkwardly when chasing Dolph Ziggler to the back. Cena got his foot caught when leaving the ring which resulted in him landing badly on the outside. Cena limped his way to the back afterwards.

WWE acknowledged the injury with a trainer backstage saying he thinks Cena “might have a torn meniscus” as he wrapped it.

They’re clearly doing an angle as it appeared Cena did nothing more than turn his ankle. I’m sure an “injury” angle was planned and Cena turning his ankle just played into their plans.