Air Date For First Episode Of Bruce Prichard’s Podcast On WWE Network

Bruce Prichard’s “Something Else To Wrestle With” show on the WWE Network will begin filming this today and is slated to air on the streaming this Wednesday.

According to WWE’s official website, the topic will be WrestleMania 14 and the episode will be available on-demand.

Prichard’s co-host Conrad Thompson spoke with to talk about the show airing on the WWE Network.

“We’re going to try to do essentially what we do with the live show, just on video. Filmed in our home offices. First and only non-WWE produced show in that there’s not going to be anybody in the room with us. Cameras set up in our offices. No staffer. We’re going to pick the topics, and we’ve got creative control. Going to try to have some visual aids,” Conrad said. “At live shows, we do the old heads on sticks routine that Pardon the Interruption made famous. That was a hit for our live shows, so we’ll incorporate it. Hopeful they’ll splice in the stuff we’re talking about and let us talk about what you’re seeing on screen. That would make it the ultimate version of ‘Something to Wrestle.'”

“I don’t know that everybody is on board with this idea. I’m sure there are people within the company who don’t like the idea that we’re talking about the company the way we are, that we’ve been able to make a living off the company independent of WWE, or that Bruce is involved,” Thompson said. “But this is sort of a different thing where Bruce doesn’t have to be there and we don’t have to participate in some of the politics. I think if Bruce was ever in a position to be offered a full-time on the road deal that meant he couldn’t do the podcast, I feel strong that he would pass. If it was they’d like him to come to TV and PPVs and consult, I’m sure he’d be up for that. But a full-time on the road thing doesn’t work for him with his family situation, and it would probably pay less than what the podcast does, so he’s not going to do anything that’s going to take the podcast away.”