AJ Lee Says She Got Lucky On Raw, WWE-ECW On PPV, Bobby Lashley Shoots

– As seen on Monday night’s RAW, AJ Lee defeated Tamina Snuka. AJ commented on Twitter:

“I may have gotten lucky tonight @TaminaSnuka , but you should’ve been smarter. Never turn your back on a crazy chick.”

– Beginning January 7th, 2013, WWE will air a two-hour special on pay-per-view called, “WWE Presents: ECW’s Biggest Matches.”

– Highspots.com has released a new shoot interview with former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. Here is the synopsis:

“I’m a Pro Wrestler That Fights: Bobby Lashley Interview

Bobby Lashley is a guy who has all the ability in the world to become a big money draw MMA fighter but, in his heart of hearts he would rather call himself a, Pro Wrestler. To some wrestling fans Lashley was a guy who was handed the world of pro wrestling and threw it away for whatever reason.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Even before the cameras started rolling at the Highspots.com interview set Bobby saw and picked up a Junkyard Dog action figure and smile like a young child. Then when the cameras started rolling his passion for wrestling became self evident. Although, his love was almost unfulfilled when Lashley got caught in the crossfire of a bank robbery.

His injuries from that robbery may have kept him from the Olympic trials but it did not keep him from his WWE try out. Bobby was positioned to be a major player for the WWE in a very short time. From his Wrestlemania match involving Donald Trump to being one of the few wrestlers to ever feud with Vince McMahon.

Then one day Bobby was gone and the rumor mill started churning. Well, Lashley is speaking up and tell his side of the story on his release. We also tried to touched on Bobby’s MMA career but he quickly brought it wrestling because Bobby Lashley is a Pro Wrestler That Fights.”