AJ Lee Reveals Why The Follow-Up To Her “Pipebomb” Promo Never Happened Last Year

A fan who attended AJ Lee’s New Orleans Comic Con Q&A this weekend noted that she was asked about her “pipebomb” promo from last year and said there was supposed to be a follow-up to it.

AJ said that while her character had been acting like a “douche” she still hoped that the other Divas would realize that she was trying to make things happen for their division and get them more TV time.

AJ revealed that some of the Divas took the promo personal. She said it was unfortunate that the follow-up to her “pipebomb” got dropped due to personal feelings that other Divas had.

Here is the full video from WWE Diva AJ Lee’s Comic Con Q&A from Wizard World NOLA at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans on February 7, 2014:

  • kate

    Even though i am not her fan..honestly i think the TD overreacted on this..i think it would be a good feud between them so sad that it didn’t worked out.(and the Divas who took that way more personal were Nikki and Nattie just in case you wondering)

  • Mordecai

    haha, they took it personal. That must of been Eva. She’s yet to grasp the concept of ‘shoot and work.’

  • Mike DePalo

    The only problem with the pipe bomb was it cast AJ as the face and the divas as the heels. That’s how it came off. She was the wrestler and they were wannabe reality stars. The fans went with AJ on that one and WWE had to try to turn it around on her.

  • Jordyn

    I see Nikki, Nattie and maybe Cameron as the ones who took it personal. You would think that as the veterans that Nikki and Natalya love to say they are, they would’ve realized that that promo was not only a big thing for AJ but for the division as a whole. It’s just really sad that the divas division was actually headed in the right direction last summer but for WWE to choose to cater to certain people’s egos and focus on a reality show completely ruined it.

    • kate

      and maybe Eva Marie.

  • cj

    It doesn’t shock me that Natalya took it personal. After watching TD I see her in a whole new way. She’s always upset, doesn’t take jokes well, and totally overacts to things. And for Nikki, I remember Aj saying “I didn’t get here because I SUCKED up to the right people” and the camera went straight to the Bella’s and Eva Marie. So they didn’t like it so it got nixed to happen again in the future, makes me wonder about the Bella’s when Maria said they didn’t like her so they made sure she couldn’t return to wwe.

    • Guest

      Brie is not like Nikki.but anyways they all overreacted and this “feud” it was a good chance to improve the Divas Division but …

  • Delima05

    Shes only the diva with a personality.

    Although I put the Bella ahead of her for in ring performance.

    I dont understand why they would be “upset”

    It was 100% honesty and hell it’s a TV show god damn it