AJ Styles Talks Returning To The Indies, His Friends In TNA, Gives Credit To Jeff Jarrett & More

AJ Styles was recently interviewed by Ed Boston from DTRTwrestling.com. Here are the highlights:

Returning to independent wrestling: The greatest thing about the independents is there’s a lot of passion in that locker room, there’s a lot of passion a lot of times with that promoter. They just have these expectations and these dreams that are so high that it’s just a positive thing when you’re there and it’s fun to be a part of that.

Being a free agent again after 11 years with TNA: At first it was a little awkward, it was a little weird, it was scary. But you know, seeing that the indy’s are not dead, in fact they are very much alive. I’ve wrestled for Ring Of Honor which I don’t call them… claim them as an independent but other then that I’ve wrestled two other shows that were independents but drew big crowds, and I think that’s awesome. When your in front of big crowds you’re able to get that extra boost of energy that you may not of had and your going to put on great matches, probably matches people didn’t expect to see from that guy they considered the star.

Leaving TNA and his closest friends: Well, I gotta tell ya man that’s the hardest thing, because my best friends the guys I talk to on a regular basis, the guys that I trust with everything are still there. Samoa Joe, Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, they’re still there and I miss them dearly.

Relying on prayer during contract negotiations: There was a lot of prayer going on with negotiations, it was a big deal, my wife was definitely a prayer warrior. She was trying to figure this thing out. She may have been stressed more then I was. In the end I knew it was going to be alright no matter what happens.

Jeff Jarrett being responsible for his rise in TNA: For him to actually make me the world heavyweight champion, to have me beat Jeff Jarrett for the world heavyweight title says what he thought of me. He basically made me the TNA guy by doing stuff like that. I’ve been known that ever since and I’ve gotta give credit to Jeff you know, because he’s the one that labeled me that guy without actually saying it. He was able to make a guy and he made AJ Styles.

  • David Garcia

    I just hope the Jarrett haters read that last part. AJ and many others have explained why Jeff had to own the title in the early years for pure business reasons and the second TNA had security, he was right there trying to help build new guys.

    Jarrett is one of the few guys whose book I really want to read if he ever sits down to write it. He’s had a great career and took more risks than just about any of his contemporaries, jumping from WWE to WCW to WWE to WCW during the War, then having the stones to think he could start a national company from scratch. Even if you’re not a TNA fan, you have to admire Jarrett’s guts and hard work.