AJ Styles Reportedly Signs Short-Term Contract Extension With TNA Wrestling

One of the main topics of conversation behind the scenes in TNA over the past few weeks has been AJ Styles’ contract expiring – and whether the “TNA Original” will be able to come to terms with the organization.

The latest on this story is that Styles and TNA have agreed to a short-term contract extension.

Styles’ contract was set to expire within a matter of weeks – and he was reportedly offered a deal that was for significantly less money than he’s made in the past.

It’s unknown how long Styles is now locked in for, but TNA will continue negotiating with him in hopes of keeping him on board for the long term.

(Source: PWInsider.com)

  • dx317

    I would not mind seeing Styles in WWE with Paul Heyman as his voice. I think that’d be an interesting pair, along with Axel, and Punk. Some good matches could be had.

    • Rawr

      I can see where you’re coming from but you have to factor in

      ♦TNA legacy, Vince has a history with guys from other organizations and

      ♦Work style. They won’t let him wrestle his style and means he’ll be in developmental for a while.

      As a fan, it makes me a little worried.

    • bryan

      He should’ve went to the wwe about seven years ago. It doesn’t matter any more because he’s in his mid thirties.