AJ Styles Reveals How Much Money He Turned Down From TNA, Is He Making More With NJPW?

AJ Styles appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio last week and noted that while working with New Japan Pro Wrestling, he’s already made more in 2014 than he would have for all of 2014 on the deal that TNA offered him to stay.

He added that he will come close to what he made with TNA in 2013. Style’s previous TNA deal saw him bring in around $350,000 but the deal he turned down would have ended up at just over $200,000.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Michael Duberry

    As much as i like AJ, he’d done everything in TNA, and has benefitted from the jump to a bigger promotion.
    With that said, i would rather they spent money on people like AJ Styles than Mr Anderson, Bobby Lashley or somebody like Rampage Jackson/Tito Ortiz. People who would never draw a penny for the company.

    • Sandman

      Lashley isnt that bad and if they use mvp as his manager/spokesman those promos make for a good tv if they keep using him like this im all for Lashley to be on tv

      • Michael Duberry

        He’s improved from his WWE days, but he’s never going to draw crowds, and at his age i don’t think he’ll ever be a top name. The money TNA are spending on him could easily be used to fund 2 or 3 guys 10 years younger than Lashley who they can build into stars.