AJ Styles Takes Shot At WWE, Taz Update, Confirmed For Next Week’s Impact Wrestling

– AJ Styles took a shot at WWE doing the John Cena and AJ Lee storyline on Impact this week when he talked about dealing with people taking photos of him getting into an elevator with someone of the opposite sex. He then said, “it seems to be the new fad if your name is AJ.”

– Taz was not on this week’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling because he was unable to get from New York to Orlando because of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.

– Next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling will feature Roode vs. Styles in a singles match.

  • 666reapaholic

    that was hilarious

  • zibby Babby

    Yes, AJ Styles, founding member of ‘WWE-lite’ complains that WWE is using similar storylines. Irony? No, of course not.