Alberto Del Rio Appears At AAA TripleMania & Says WWE Is Racist, Brock Lesnar Video

– Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio appeared in the opening segments of AAA’s TripleMania pay-per-view in Mexico on Sunday night. Del Rio appeared under his new name, El Patron, and was with his father Dos Caras Sr. Del Rio said WWE was racist and while he may not work for them anymore, he still has pride and dignity. Konnan and his heel stable confronted Del Rio before he cleaned house of them.

– WWE posted the following Vine of Brock Lesnar after his WWE World Heavyweight Title win at SummerSlam:

  • Joe & sometimes Jose

    WWE didn’t want to get sued by that racist guy so they fired El Patron ?! Everything happens for a reason so this might be best for El Patron .

  • Tanisha Henry

    Alberto is so right about everything he’s said: WWE is so racist and they proved it tonight. There were no African-Americans and Mexicans in any matches tonight. IMO, WWE probably only cares that Whites and Europeans succeed in WWE. Alberto stood up for what he believed in and he proved that he don’t need WWE tonight. Alberto”El Patron” Rodriguez did me a good favor by being more interested in AAA now. I want to see every match that El Patron is in more than ever now.

    • Steve Gipson

      Seth Rollins is Mexican

      • cj

        Right , & AJ Lee is Puerto Rican , or half Puerto Rican . Her last name (before marriage) is Mendez.

      • FlawlessRKO

        No, he’s not.

      • kiki2517

        he’s not mexican, he said in a interview that he’s Armenian.

    • Noel Lackey

      Roman Reigns?

      • Steve Gipson

        Today I learned he’s Armenian thank you lol

      • UrbanHermit

        Reigns is Samoan. He’s the Rock + Rikishi’s cousin.

    • ksedude

      lol yeah who cares about The Rock, Booker T, Roman Reigns, AJ Lee, and all those other nobodies.

  • Here

    I believe he said he “encountered racism” while at WWE. Didn’t necessarily call them racist, although I don’t think he would be wrong if he did. It’s a huge distinction to make, though. Also, you left out the fact the he got even more physical at the end of the show, and the commentators played up the fact that he was breaching his contract.

  • Noel Lackey

    While Alberto may have encountered racism in the WWE, it wasn’t all bad for him. He held both of their top titles and won a Royal Rumble and not to mention a MITB. No matter where he goes in the world that brings his star power right up.

  • km4960

    Yeah they are racist alright. Del Rio made a champ after about 5 minutes in the wwe. No blacks, no hispanics???? What about 3mb, ryder, and the like who have done their time and never made it. The wwe screws everything up, it has nothing to do with race……………just think of the ratings if they stuck with the unstoppable rebate for the past two years, and then had him collide with lesnar. But that’s right, rebate has been reduced to nothing b/c he is black.

    • Sandman

      del rio wasnt champ after 5 minutes he had that stupid destiny storyline and only won it off of a cash in at summerslam 2011