Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Threatened To Quit WWE Last Week

WWE cracked down on two Twitter accounts that had been snarking the organization and its employees last week as both @WWE_Creative and @CrankyVince were suspended on Thursday. While the account mocking WWE’s creative direction returned online following some profile tweaks (now located @WWECreative_ish), the McMahon parody remains down.

The @CrankyVince account spoofed McMahon’s demeanor and mindset with random musings depicting the WWE Chairman as an eccentric, sex-crazed, drug-addled egomaniac. It had drawn alarming concern from organization officials since last year, which due to the sensitive nature of the tweets, believed it was being handled by an employee within close proximity of McMahon. The account would divulge legitimate company information, which is a breach of Twitter’s Terms of Service. According to, the McMahon mockery account is reportedly administered by an assortment of current WWE employees. The publication, however, would not disclose specific names.

Before its suspension, @CrankyVince had endorsed an alternative account (located @PremiumVince). The account has posted several messages in Cranky Vince’s trademark tone since the suspension of the premiere account.

The @CrankyVince account was coincidentally shut down the day it released a message stating that Alberto Del Rio wanted to quit WWE.

“WHAT? DEL RIO WANTS TO QUIT? TELL THAT POMPOUS ASS: NO. THEN, TELL HIM TO GO FUCK HIMSELF. THEN, FUCK YOU,” the tweet read. reports that Del Rio clashed with upper-level management that day and threatened to quit WWE. One company source says Del Rio was frustrated with his standing and contemplating a departure. A second source said the incident ‘wasn’t that big a deal’ and that both sides were wrangling over a contract matter. A third source believes the spat was a combination of both accounts.

Del Rio has leverage; he has no issues with income and could return to Mexico as a heralded former WWE Superstar and son of noted luchador Dos Caras. A company employee expressed skepticism Monday night that Del Rio had legitimately suffered a concussion, noting that he was “too injured” to work the No Way Out pay-per-view event on Sunday but healthy enough to work Raw. The employee believes the concussion was a cover excuse for issues that materialized between Del Rio and officials, necessitating his removal from the title match against Sheamus.

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