Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Told by WWE He Was Being Suspended, Latest On Backstage Incident

As reported, WWE released Alberto Del Rio after he slapped WWE’s Manager of Social Media Live Events Cody Barbierri at last week’s TV tapings. Del Rio confronted Barbierri in catering for a remark that Barbierri made earlier. The story is that someone made a remark to Barbierri about not cleaning off his plate and as a joke, he said that was Del Rio’s job. Del Rio was not there at the time but was told about it. When he confronted Barbierri, he told him he did not appreciate the racist remark and wanted an apology.

It was going around backstage that Del Rio “slapped the shit” out of Barbierri, knocking him to the floor, and Del Rio’s release wasn’t so much that he assaulted Barbierri but based more on how hard he hit him.

Del Rio was reportedly told after the incident that he was being suspended for a short time, until just past SummerSlam. There’s a belief that Barbierri threatened to sue WWE and at that point, WWE felt they had no choice but to let Del Rio go due to legal reasons. Triple H called Del Rio on August 7th, letting him go and he was reportedly furious.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Big_Heat_34

    This Barbierri guy sounds like a real winner. Make a racist joke, then use the threat of a lawsuit to get the target of your joke fired after he didn’t find it funny. It’s a shame Del Rio can’t file a lawsuit for wrongful termination, because any judge/jury would find just cause for his being let go.

  • cj

    Ok, I’m not savvy on the world of law & order , but can’t Del Rio threaten to sue if he wants ? I mean one of the only things sticking in the story is that a racist remark was made. With WWE being high profile & a major company can ADR make a racial discrimination case or something along those lines if he wanted to ?

    • codys moustache

      The slap is worse. Unfortunately

  • jmull

    How is it racist to say someone should clean your plate? Is that a Mexican stereotype that I’m missing?

    • sam

      Yup like bus boys and dishwasher

    • cj

      And the fact that it was reported that the guy specifically said it was Del Rios job to do that.

      • jmull

        But if the guy said nothing about Del Rio being Mexican, isn’t it bullshit to assume the comment had racist intent. He could have just been fucking with him. I hate this hypersensitive, politically correct bullshit.

        • cj

          Why are you so angry ? This isn’t an issue that’s gonna impact all of mankind. We’re going by what was reported , no one knows what really happened unless they were there. And he supposedly did say something regarding Del Rio being Mexican but like you said it could have been a joke taken completely outta context. We’ll never know .