Alberto Del Rio Talks Survivor Series, Eddie Guerrero, His Toughest Opponents In WWE

DirecTV recently interviewed Alberto Del Rio to promote WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Here are some highlights:

Can you talk about your last match with John Cena at Hell in a Cell and how your rematch at Survivor Series will be different?

That last match against Cena was an amazing match and the best of the night. But I think I got a little bit cocky on that one because I knew he was hurt. But I was also hurt. My back had been bothering me and I had a fever that day, so I was not at 100%. I think our match at Survivor Series will be better than the last one because we will both be at 100%. It will be the best match of the night. Again.

Any luchadors who you think would be a good addition to the WWE?

There is a lot of talent in Mexico for WWE. The problem is that the luchador style is so different from the WWE style that it’s hard to tell who could come to WWE and do something spectacular like I’m doing it right now, and like Rey Mysterio did for years and years.

Who have been your toughest opponents in WWE?

All of them. But if I had to give you two names, I would say John Cena would be the number one. He is the face of the WWE and that is a man who never stops. He’s a machine. The other one would be Rey Mysterio. He is an icon. He’s a legend to all Latin Americans. I’ve had great moments every time I’ve been in the ring with him.

Anyone you haven’t wrestled that you’d like to?

No. I have wrestled everybody in the WWE and everyone that I grew up watching and admiring in Japan and Mexico. All I want to do for the next few years is stay on top and keep wrestling important matches in the WWE.

We spoke to Vicki Guerrero last week about some of her favorite Eddie Guerrero moments. Were you a fan of his?

Yes, of course. I’m Mexican. I grew up watching him. I saw him several times before he came to WWE or any other company in the US. He wrestled for years and years in Mexico, especially in Ciudad Juarez. I’ve always admired him. He started from the bottom and at the end of his career he was one of the most amazing, most popular Superstars in the world.