Altered Version Of Stardust Debuts (Video, Photo), Cody Rhodes Offended By Wrestler’s Trash Talk

– Joey Ryan appeared at an indie event Friday evening as a version of Cody Rhodes’ WWE Stardust Character. Joey wrestled under the name “Stardong” and he even executed an altered version of his most famous maneuver in the style of The Prince of Dark Matter. It’s hard to argue that the move wasn’t over with the audience.

– At Saturday night’s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show, Cody Rhodes had a match with TNA star Trevor Lee. After the ring introductions, Cody got on the microphone and proclaimed, “It’s not Cody… It’s Cody F’ing Rhodes!”

Trevor Lee then responded with, “You know what? F*** Dusty Rhodes!”

Cody sent out the following Tweet after the match:

  • PNutButty

    Not cool.

  • Leon Nick Perkins

    F… dusty rhodes????? Those are fighting words. No great deceased wrestler deserves that

  • Hulkamania

    Met Dusty Rhodes in person down in Oklahoma when I was training for the ARMY. He was very down to earth, cool guy, had my picture taken with him.

  • KING

    Cody should of beat hiss azz up! I lost respect idc if this was premeditated too.


    What’s his one rule?