Ambrose Resumes Foley Feud; Says He’s Worst Thing Foley Created

The internet feud between FCW star Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley appeared to have died down as it’s been several weeks since either man went back and forth online.

Ambrose picked things back up yesterday while taking fan questions on Twitter. A fan asked when will Ambrose finally “rid us” of Foley. Ambrose replied, “There is a long cleanup job ahead to get rid of everything foley poisoned #wwe #raw”

Another fan asked if Ambrose has a dream opponent from any era in wrestling. The former Jon Moxley replied, “Mick 20 years ago id have made sure he was eating his meals through a straw long b4 he did any so much damage #wwe #raw”

Ambrose ended the Foley talk with the following, “Thing is, im the worst thing foley ever created. Im the most highly evolved creature on the planet #thanksmick #wwe #raw”