Angle Twitter Rant, TNA Knockout Retires, Where’s Maven?

For those who have emailed in asking about Kurt Angle’s recent comments on Twitter regarding the Jeff/Karen Jarrett segments that aired on Impact last week, he was in character mode. While there’s clearly truth in some of his comments as the whole storyline between Kurt and Jeff are based on a real-life situation, those segments would have never aired if Angle had a genuine problem with it.

PWM reader Joe Kupe sent in the following:

Flipped over to HSN following tonight’s game and Maven was one of the two hosts of the Super Bowl gear show. Half way through the show he put on one of the Packer Tee Shirts and while selling a commemorative gold Super Bowl coin he incorrectly explained the Roman numerals XLV. We all know they are for Super Bowl 45 and he goes 20, 10 and 5! Nonetheless hr knows his football and looks like he is enjoying himself, especially when talking about Vince Lombardi and team history!

Former TNA Knockout, Taylor Wilde, retired this past weekend at a Chickfight event. She lost to Cheerleader Melissa in her final match and posted the following on her official Twitter page: “Big thank you to everyone who came to my retirement match yesterday. I <3 you all for your unconditional love and support! Keep on following.”