Anonymous Letter From WWE Employee Says CM Punk Has Been Jealous Of Daniel Bryan

Published On 02/08/2014 | By Staff | News

Last week posted a letter from that a WWE talent asked them to publish in their weekly newsletter. This week a WWE employee, who obviously asked to remain anonymous, asked them to publish the following letter. It contains graphic language:

“Honestly, Punk is being a little bitch. I liked him so much before his run leading to and after that Money in the Bank in Chicago. He’s a guy where you have to be really in his circle for him to I guess open up, which I understand, but being put in a feud with Kane and then with HHH at Mania is not a bad thing. Now I understand he feels this is his last Mania and he wants to main event and really, with the right storyline, that match could main event, but literally after the Tribute to the Troops incident he’s just been difficult. There are so many there that want his spot, that want to say, ‘I need a weekend off to go to UFC.’ I really and fully believe he’s a little jealous of the crowd reactions to Bryan and it’s getting to him—He’s just been such a dick lately. That interview with Ariel, he acted like he was the victim at the Troops taping when Michelle was just joking. Little bitch AJ took it to the wrong level. Do you really think AJ would have a ‘pipe bomb’ interview time or longest Diva champ BS if she wasn’t dating Punk? Punk really doesn’t want to be the face of the company. That’s BS. I hate hearing that shit. He says he does but this isn’t ROH or OVW. He would bitch so much if he had to do Michael & Kelly at 9 a.m., then fly to a different state (for Raw), do a Make-A-Wish at 1 p.m. and then RAW, then do SmackDown, then do something Wednesday to fly home Thursday to be on the road Friday or Saturday. No way he could handle that for four months. He may come back as soon as Monday or he may never come back, but if never comes back he better remember how many fans he’s fucking over right now, the same way he believes the WWE is fucking him over. And I’m not defending Vince or HHH. Especially HHH, because people are seeing that HHH taking over isn’t as cool as they thought it would be. Outlaws, Nash, X-Pac, Flair, HBK, Batista—yeah must be nice to be HHH friends.”


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  • Grant Ryan Lenton

    Reads like one of the Divas. My guess is which ever Bella twin is bedding John Cena. The whole thing is ridiculous. Punk must be laughing his head off at home, and he hasn’t even said a word, yet.

    • TheUndertaker21

      let me tell you a good news, most of punk fans are JERK, and know NOTHING about Wrestling, WWE is BETTER without Punk, that guy can NEVER main event anything, because he’s JERK in and OUTSIDE the ring.

      • Negatist

        No, the WWE Universe is better off without an asshole like you in it. You couldn’t main event a two-person conversation…

        • TheUndertaker21

          haha, BITCH PLEASE, most of you wwe fans are SHIT, just BUNCH OF KIDS, I don’t mind you MADAFAKA, LIke I said Most punk fans are JERK, and you just PROVED THAT.

          • tamayo41

            Do you mean jerks?

          • domcruise

            WHY do YOU have TO write EVERYTHING like THIS

  • Joey Slater

    The biggest problem with a letter like this is that it could genuinely be from a WWE employee, but it’s also just as likely that a random wrestling fan could of wrote this to try and stir the pot…

  • TGov

    There are so many ways of looking at this situation, especially when both sides have opted not to talk about it yet…

    • jrock2310

      this is the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. no one outside of WWE & punk know ANYTHING!

  • Charlie


  • James Humwood

    Funny thing is cm punk said a few weeks ago that he thought it was daniel Bryan’s year and that Bryan should headline most likely it’s just a butt hurt employee trying to tick the fans off

    • B-Dazzle

      More like an employee trying to ruin Punk’s image because Punk is known for not wanting to be bothered whenever he’s at the airport or whenever he’s doing his workouts and stuff. And this “Employee” Probably knows that well and is attempting to try to get those fans that chant CM Punk everyweek to stop chanting and hate Punk for everything. This sounds like either a Diva and or Orton and possibly JTG since awhile back ago, Punk was asked about the JTG frustration on twitter and did said some things that might’ve rubbed JTG the wrong way (Even if he said you should’ve said that to the office to let them know how you feel) and now that Punk is gone he knows he could stay anonymous without getting into anything with Punk.

  • TheUndertaker21

    yeah he’s right, punk is Jealous of Bryan because Daniel Bryan is BETTER than punk.

    • RVD4Life

      You’re absolutely right… Punk is a bitch. I’ve enjoyed his work, until I watched his DVD. He’s so unbelievably arrogant. He needs to be humbled and realize he’s not bigger than this business..

      • Bryan Thomas

        I understand where you are coming from. But what if he needs to feels somewhat arrogant just so he can be able to let his voice be heard without being put in the doghouse. I’m sure vince loves that quality about him, otherwise punk wouldn’t have been this successful. His bitching got him the mic time when he dropped his infamous pipebomb. Nothing wrong with it. Guess you have to have a certain air if you’re chasing opportunities instead of waiting and hoping it falls in your lap

        • RVD4Life

          I understand your perception and respect your opinion.. but in my opinion he acts like he’s not expendable. His antics outside of the ring (ie. being rude to fans in public, complaining about his dissatisfaction of his matches, and attacking a fan on live TV) have turned me off of him

      • Grant Ryan Lenton

        Did you enjoy his DVD though? I did. I thought it could have been more though. It was interesting when he was talking about where he wanted to be, and talks about WWE pitching Daniel Bryan for the US Title, which he declined, but also says “I love Daniel Bryan, he’s a friend of mine, and if anyone is better than me, it’s him.” I don’t believe Punk is jealous of Bryan, at all. I think Punk probably views Bryan much like he views himself. This anonymous letter is clearly written by one or both of the Bellas. 1. It’s pro-Bryan. Yet in a really childish way. 2. The work schedule mentioned, about being the “face’ is much like what John Cena’s schedule has been like on and off for the past however many years. 3. Having a dig at AJ suggests a jealous Diva who thinks they should be Champion.
        Let’s face it, the Bellas are lucky to be back in WWE, and if it weren’t for Bryan & Cena they would still be unemployed. They should be thankful and keep quiet on matters bigger than them.

        • RVD4Life

          Yes I own his DVD.. That’s another reason I don’t like him.. Actually, after watching it the first time, is when I started to dislike him. He’s really the only guy that I’ve seen in these documentaries (I own almost literally every Docu-dvd the wwe has released) that just comes of as a dick.. I can understand that he feels like he’s underutilized. But he just rubs me the wrong way.. I think that the “Letter” could have been written by any of the wrestlers.. I personally think it was Orton or Ryback… I think the locker room is split right down the middle.. like the guys that side with him, view him as a sort of crusader doing whats right for the boys.. And then there’s the guys on the other side of the spectrum, who have been with the company for a lot longer than Punk has. Experienced their ups and downs and have been with Vince through thick and thin. I’m sure they are the guys that see Punk as acting like a prima donna. I tend to side with them. Even when Austin walked out, at first I sided with him, well because he’s Fucking Stone Cold Steve Austin. After I heard the whole story, I concluded that Steve was wrong to walk out. Same situation applies to Punk. I look at the letter in the way Punk should look at it. As if the guys are telling him the truth in how many of his peers perceive him. He should take it as constructive criticism, and make the necessary changes, to gain the respect of his peers back.

          • Grant Ryan Lenton

            I think he’s loyal to his character. A reason for that could be that he doesn’t want anyone (WWE) to have any control over it, so he’s making it clear that CM Punk is his creation, no one else’s, and he’s going to great lengths to make it so. He admits that he’s difficult to handle and the best of times, so I don’t think he behaves maliciously in anyway. I’m difficult to handle at the best of times myself, so I can appreciate where he’s coming from there.
            I try to imagine his environment and what he must go through, but that’s all I can do. Imagine.
            I’m never sure as how to view WWE. Is it an ensamble performance where all players must work together in harmony to better the show? Or is it a sport where each player must look after No.1?
            I agree with on people being split over Punk, I think that’s the view on Punk in a nut shell. You either love him, or hate him. For what I watch him for I love him, but I can understand why people closer to him, and others, may hate him, or dislike him.
            I think people should’ve got behind Punk a lot more than they/we did back in 2010-2012, if not just for what he represented and the change he wanted to bring.
            We all pine for a return to certain ways, and he tried his best to take us back there, and break the status quo. I appreciate Punk for what he’s tried to achieve over the past few years, and although I don’t completely agree with his methods more recently, I’m not sure how I would have handled it myself. It’s easy for us to sit here and say “yeah, he should have been more professional”. Well, yeah. Obviously. But I and we don’t know the ins and outs. We don’t know that world. For all we know Punk and Vince could have come to some sort of agreement where Punk would go home and let current story lines run there course and they could bring him back at a better time, when Punk is healed, rested and can be placed in a better position on the card. Maybe Punk is in a position where no one can really get through to him, maybe there isn’t anyone around that can get though to him. But could you ever imagine HHH being challenged over a creative decision and say “yeah, you’re right, I’m wrong. We’ll go with what you think”?
            I guess all I ask now is “how would I handle it”? I can’t really answer.

        • Medusa

          I think a guy wrote this, not a girl..

    • Bryan Thomas

      Daniel is a great wrestler and the yes chant has him over. But on the mic, he’s not great and people will get tired of yes yes yes. And if you can work the mic, then you cant work a great storied rivalry. But daniel bryan is the best thing that wwe’s main event scene has seen in years. But remember before that, cm punk was the only thing interesting in the main event

  • Hitesh sharma

    I recently read that Punk thinks Bryan is getting similar crowd reactions like he got at MITB 2011. Well, here’s some truth. Bryan is getting 5 times the reactions that Punk got in 2011.

    • Bryan Thomas

      Well maybe that’s because when cm punk was hot in 2011 they actually kept him in the title picture and as champ instead of tantalizing the fans. Pretty sure if they kept pulling the rug from underneath punk back then, he would get just as big of a reaction as daniel bryan is. Plus daniel bryan has a go to trendy catchphrase, while punk does not rely on catchphrases. He just talks. But the daniel bryan chants would have died down by now if they never took the title off of him and he was still champion as we speak. Watch what happens when he gets a lengthy title run

    • Negatist

      Ooh… divided on the likes and dislikes on this one… I’d have to say Bryan’s reactions are persistent, and much bigger than Punk’s ever were.

  • Pedro

    Punk needs WWE more than WWE needs Punk. If he wants his way all the time, go to IMPACT. He can wrestle his ROH alumni.

    • RVD4Life

      His ego wont let him go back to ROH or TNA. He thinks he’s unhappy in WWE?? wait till he’s back working in front of 300 people again..

      • josh

        TNA wrestles infront of 3000, not 300

        • Negatist

          Correction: TNA crowds run around 30, not 300.

        • RVD4Life

          Really??? because I live outside of Orlando and have been to countless TNA shows… that building doesn’t even hold 3000 people…

    • I Will Bury You

      Please punk does not need the wwe. He has got plenty of money to fall back on wwe needs punk that can’t afford to lose a top star. Who’s gonna take his place Cena, Orton, or batista.

  • cj

    I heard the only reasons AJ has had the title as long as she has is because she is the most marketable diva right now as far as popularity and merchandise selling goes. And also because they wanted the record of longest reigning diva’s champion to be with someone who’s actually still with the company, instead of Maryse. Not saying it’s true, just what I’ve read on other sites

  • Raihan Khan

    i agree with it, i wonder what punk and daniel brayn fans gonna say, i believe bryan was too overrated, dont dislike my comment, just saying the fact that he was too over rated then punk, its true, i know u people r gonna dislike it cz so many bryan fans out here

  • JR.

    Screams of jealousy. Also Aj was the freaking Raw gm way before she banged cm and has been in the spotlight for years now. Whoever wrote this is clearly butthurt and needs a reality check. Also as far as Beadle, being called a fuck face in front of your coworkers at work is not a joke to everyone.

  • I dont know

    Funny article of the day.

  • I Will Bury You

    So people are suppose to actually think this is from an actual employee plz. Punk and Bryan are best friend’s.

  • B-Dazzle

    Whoever believe this bullshi! Is ABSOLUTELY Stupid and dumb. Punk and Dragon ARE best friends in real life and HE always praises Dragon EVERYWHERE he goes, from interviews, to even cons and stuff. And no way in hell he’s jealous, he’s the one who’s been pushing heavily for Dragon everywhere, EVEN pre YES! And even when this whole YES! Phenomenon started. Whoever thinks so otherwise are just really dumb to believe this shi!

  • Bryan Thomas

    Whoever wrote this is a coward. And doesn’t sound like intelligent person with all of those expletives

  • Bryan Thomas

    Can’t take away the fact that he was a workhorse and had injuries. I’m not entertaining this any longer. But whoever wrote the letter is definitely a coward. If this is a superstar venting, then you know how outspoken this person is not, by choosing to remain anonymous. Cm punk is realcand i know alot of those wrestlers are going to miss him because he was their voice. Oh well

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Punk just grow up and come back already. Damn.

  • James Humwood

    Also just adding but this screams of jealous diva I’m thinking Nikki or Brie Bella

  • Medusa

    A guy who’s been with the company for a long time, way before Punk became champion, wrote this. I don’t think its Orton either, because this person comes off bitter like they haven’t won a major title.