Another Possible 2015 WWE Hall Of Famer, Alex Riley Works First Match In A Year, Enzo Amore

– We noted before that The Rock, Rikishi and Mickie James were possible names for the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame. Kevin Nash is also on the “maybe” list for next year.

– Alex Riley worked Friday night’s WWE NXT live event in Tampa. He and Kalisto lost a triple threat main event to Viktor of The Ascension. This appears to be Riley’s first match since the May 22nd, 2013 NXT TV tapings, where he lost to Konnor of The Ascension.

– Enzo Amore was at Friday night’s NXT live event in Tampa. He was ringside as Big Cass defeated Sawyer Fulton. Enzo has been working out in the ring so he should be returning to action here soon.

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  • Junior Perez

    I can see The Rock, Kevin Nash, and maybe Mickie James. But what about Macho Man? British Bulldog?Demolition? Goldberg? Lex Luger? The Steiners? The Fabulous Freebirds? Owen Hart? These people shouldbe in, or at least given some consideration.

    • theripperdannyb

      Same argument as every year, Owen wont go in til his wife says he can, and Savage til his brother gives the OK. Goldberg they will squeeze before they put him in, and Luger isnt on best terms with them. As for Bulldog and the Stieners, they’ll get their shot. I’ve said it before, they cant load every year with top tier stars, and they spread the guys that left for WCW thin which is unsurprising really.

    • PJB237

      I agree completely people come on here and give reasons why people cant go in but everyone is entitled to an opinion. There is always gonna be people to induct. They induct about 8 people a year, so they can induct 80 more superstars in the next decade! Which is ppssible without a struggle judging by wwe back catalogue. I am with u get the people in thatpeople wabt to see

    • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

      I’m not entirely sure who manages Macho Mans name now he’s dead. Lanny Poffo talks as if he does, but I would think it’s actually his wife. Lanny does a lot of talking about it, but I doubt it’s his decision to make.

      Mickie has has a good career, but she’s well bellow the likes of Koko B Ware who had a great career and got loads of stick for going in.

      Luger was ignored for the Horseman induction and I can see why. While not as bad as Benoit, being publicly known as a wife beater doesn’t help his case.

      The Steiners will go in one year, so will Demolition.

      Owen can’t go in because of his wife. Davey can go in any time, but they might be holding off until his son returns to WWE so they can do something to give him a rub.

      Goldberg probably wants money.

      The Freebirds are a big deal and will hopefully headline a HOF one year, as will The Rock

      Nash will go in a few times as part of the NWO, The Click, the Oz gimmick and as Deisel. Not because he deserves it, but VKM has always seemed deeply impressed with the talentless prick