Another Reason CM Punk Has Been Unhappy, Internal Reaction To CM Punk Walking Out & More

Another one of CM Punk’s issues with WWE is that he feels like he hasn’t been fairly compensated for events in the past and that so far, nobody in the company has told him or anyone else how they will be compensated for this year’s WrestleMania and other pay-per-views with the Network launching.

It’s also said that Punk has been upset that no matter what happens, he will never be pushed as the John Cena-caliber face of the company. Punk at one point pushed hard to go heel again despite the fact that he was super over as a babyface because he realized that as a babyface, he’ll always be number two behind Cena. His idea was to turn heel so at least he would be number one as a heel.

It’s worth noting that there are a small number of people within WWE who believe the whole situation is a work but the vast majority do not. Those who believe it’s legit are very much split on things. Half of the people seem to think that Punk stood up for himself and did the right thing and should be applauded. The other half feel he’s being a baby about everything and shouldn’t have walked out, especially without giving WWE time to write him out of the storylines. It’s said to be a very polarizing issue within the company.


  • Tarun Mudgal

    Plzzzzzz bring back punk… Or I’ll never watch @WWE again… Plzzzzzzzzz come back punk..

  • Bryan Thomas

    It’s not about him being selfish. There’s nothing wrong with a guy knowing where he belongs on the card. Punk just knows that he can out perform them in ring and on the mic and he feels that he belongs on top then put him on top. After all they did give him 400+ day reign. And despite being second to cena, punk gave us some great matches as champ. Especially the title matches against daniel bryan

    • RVD4Life

      Sure, he is good, and worth more to Vince and HHH than they realize.. but he’s not being professional about this situation…

      • Brandon Smith

        not being professional about it? guy worked his ass off doing live events over seas tours jobbing to people and out right doing everything he was told ALL YEAR and for what? to get shoved into a no one cares match with triple h at wrestle mania while batista comes back after 6 days and is in the main event? as a matter of fact over the last few years batista has bad mouthed the wwe extremely badly and wwe rewards him and kisses this nobody’s ass?

        • RVD4Life

          I totally agree with you. I absolutely loathe Botchtista. But Punk is proving why he’s becoming more of a liability to Vince. He does work his ass off, but it’s obvious he’s burned out. He wants to be the #1 guy, which he probably deserves, but Vince isn’t going to give him that spot if he continues to behave like this

    • Chris Jericho

      He doesn’t deserve what he wants if he acts like a baby everytime he doesn’t get his way… It’s been well documented. He acts like a spoiled child in a toy store… good riddance

      • Bryan Thomas

        I understand where you’re coming from. But the ultimate warrior was a cry baby too and vince bent over backwards to give him what he wanted. I think has to learn the hard way half of the time. Sometimes you have to do something drastic. In other news, that dolph ziggler backstage promo was great last night. Has anyone checked it out?

        • theripperdannyb

          Problem is look how the whole Warrior situation turned out, that was 20 years ago, Vince has learnt, the thing is, did anyone ever see The Rock, or Mick Foley, or Undertaker complain when they couldnt get over Austin?

          • Guest

            You just proved my point. all of those guys you mentioned were just as important to WWE at the time as Austin.. They were all team players, and all had to take a back seat to Stone Cold and none of them complained once

        • RVD4Life

          Ziggler is the man bro.. He deserves another shot as champ since he was cut short with a concussion

        • RVD4Life

          Warrior isn’t even in the same class as Punk.. but I understand where you’re coming from… I just can’t get behind Punk on this one. He’s only screwing over us fans who actually enjoy his work. While I agreed for the reasoning Austin walked out in 2002, he was still wrong as well.. Punk and Austins situations are somewhat similar but not entirely. Stone Cold didn’t wanna put over Brock who just debuted at the time not 2 months before that, on Raw. He seen a big pay day in the match with Lesnar and to do it on Raw meant nothing.. Still he was wrong to leave. Punk was going to have a high profile match with HHH at the biggest show of the year, which he wasn’t satisfied with. Understandable Punk doesn’t want the match with HHH, but to leave over that (if that’s part of the real reason why he left) is unprofessional..

      • Brandon Smith

        why not act like that batista bad mouth the shit out of wwe since he was gone and he comes back 6 days later he’s in the main event at wrestlemania APPARENTLY acting like this gets you to be in favor with wwe years later.

        • RVD4Life

          Very true, but Batista wasn’t under contract when he bashed WWE.. that’s a big difference. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hate him, but the situations are totally different

          • Brandon Smith

            no its not cm punk busted his ass all year just to get thrown in a under card match while a guy whos been gone for years gets title shot after being back 6 days punk was getting screwed.

    • Chris Jericho

      Punk is a bitch

  • Chris Jericho

    Punk is the white mans version of Richard Sherman… both shit talkers with no class

  • Richard Martinez

    There’s a difference between talking shit and talking the truth. Way to hear yourself talk though”Chris Jericho”.

  • Justin

    If you were unhappy in your job, & had plenty of money to hold yourself over for the foreseeable future, would you stick around & continue to be miserable, or would you quit your job too?

    • TC

      I would’ve finished out the contract that I signed and am legally required to fulfill. Then I would not resign without them making me happier. They won’t but they could sue him for breach of contract

  • Raihan Khan

    i agree, punks heel run in 2012 was one of the best runs(heel) in wwe history