Another Rumor On Sting’s Teaser For Monday, WWE DVD Pushed Back, Japan Attendance

– There were rumors that Sting’s “7-14-14” teaser on social media could be for an appearance on next week’s RAW to promote WWE’s new United We Slam Great American Bash DVD that comes out the next day but a RAW appearance next week for The Stinger is highly unlikely.

– A reported 6,178 fans attended today’s WWE live event in Tokyo, Japan at Sumo Hall.

– WWE’s “Top Giants In Wrestling History” DVD may have been pushed back until late 2014 or early 2015, reports. The DVD was originally expected for October.

  • Mrs.Ambrose #TeamAmbrose

    I thought that he was coming to RAW.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    We may not see the Stinger but we’ll probably get the next best thing, Damien Stingdow, if not, i’d love to see Sting debut with the Starrcade ’97 entrance, the crowd would explode.

  • Ravishing Dick Rude

    YOUNGBUCKS Posted a pic with sting in japan on their twitter. STING IS IN JAPAN WITH WWE.

  • jmull

    If they waste Sting’s debut on a promo appearance for a DVD they are fools.

    • Kurama91

      WWE Current Writers LOGIC!!!! Screw that logic!