Antoni Hardonk and Henry Akins Team With DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page, Founder of DDP Yoga, Fitness Expert and Former WWE and WCW Superstar

Rickson Gracie’s top Black Belt, Henry Akins and former K-1 and UFC fighter, Antoni Hardonk will be showing their support of the revolutionary DDP Yoga system at their DYNAMIX Mixed Martial Arts studio in Los Angeles, CA.

You can see the amazing transformation here:

This two-hour introductory event will breakdown how DDP Yoga was created and go over the basic movements In addition to the workshop, there will be an assortment of wheat and gluten free treats from My Picky Eaters creator, Angella Cole as well as a one week pass that can be used to take both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Dutch style kickboxing classes at Dynamix MMA facility.

Diamond Dallas Page is eager to discuss DDP Yoga and the Workshop

What can we expect to see during the DDP Yoga workshop at the DYNAMIX Studio?

How did Antoni Hardonk and Henry Akins get involved with DDP Yoga and what are they saying about the workout?

What are the benefits of the wheat and gluten free treats that Angella Cole will be presenting?

DDP Yoga Workshop Details:

Date:               June 23, 2012

Time:               3:00pm – 5pm (WST)

Location:         11870 Santa Monica Boulevard

      Los Angeles, CA  90025

Cost:                $65.00 (Includes One-Week Pass to train at Dynamix MMA)

For more information on the DDP Yoga Workshop please contact: or 323-387-0068

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