April Hunter’s Eye Witness Account Of Arrested Indy Promoter

On the latest Right After Wrestling podcast, there was coverage of the Kentucky promoter who got arrested for not paying security and pro wrestlers for their services. April Hunter (who worked that show) and Lance Storm joined the show live to chime in on the situation and give more information and context.

EXCERPT: “When the cops handcuffed him and took him out, I thought it was a work. Either they took him out for his protection, or, there were two promoters there, maybe the other promoter was in on it to and this was a way to pacify the boys so we don’t (hurt) him because we did have him cornered and we were about to. I was surprised to see it was for real and he was arrested and he was denied bond. He not only stiffed us but he stiffed the police officers he had hired to do security, and the policemen told us if he doesn’t pay us, he’s going to jail’.”

FULL SHOW PODCAST: http://radio.thescore.com/episodes/indy-promoter-gets-arrested-raw-jan-10-2010