As Good As You Think?

Hello there folks! Dave Scott checking in for some Monday night banter. The last few weeks I have not actually been able to watch Raw due to either problems with my Sky or my internet, which have been making it difficult to keep up to date with it all. Regardless I did manage to catch Smackdown this week and Slammiversary last night. So I’m kind of limited to what I can talk about, so I’ll go with the TNA option this week.

Slammiversary was an overall very good show. This follows on from Sacrifice last month being a good PPV, so TNA are on a small role with their PPV’s as of late. One thing a lot of people have been saying is though it that it was amazing. I don’t really agree, it was good not amazing. I think people have been shown mediocrity so much from both TNA and WWE in recent years, that when we see something that is only decent, we are led to believe that it is awesome.

Now I’m not for a second saying that it was a bad show, far from it. Just having a match like Joseph Park vs Bully Ray seemed very similar to the likes of Cena vs Cole or Cena vs Laurinaitis. People were quick to jump onto the WWE matches saying that they were ridiculous and rubbish to watch, however with the TNA PPV everyone seems to have just seemed to not mention it. For example I felt that Over The Limit was just as good or if not better than Slammiversary. On that card you had a possible match of the year with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, a great fast paced fatal four way between Sheamus, Orton, Del Rio and Jericho, a solid tag match with Kofi and R-Truth against Swagger and Ziggler, a decent match between two great workers in Christian and Rhodes and you also had a very good battle royal with most of the midcard superstars which gave a lot of the guys who don’t get on PPV very often a time to shine.

Slammiversary had some very good matches, but probably not as many as Over The Limit. The triple threat match with Anderson, Hardy and RVD was brilliant. Much like the Over The Limit match it was fast paced and was great to watch. Also with this I’m glad TNA went with Anderson for the win as the other two have had their shots at Roode already. Another great match was the opener between Aries and Joe which I think probably the only word to describe it was awesome. The tag team match with Angle and AJ against Daniels and Kazarian was also absolutely stunning to watch. But other than that the other matches were nothing special. The main event wasn’t overly exciting, though I did like the part near the end where it looked like Roode was going to tap. Like I already said the Joseph Park and Bully Ray match was ridiculous, such a waste of two talented guys. Kid Kash and Hernandez wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t great. I know Christian and Rhodes wasn’t exactly a five star classic either, but both Rhodes and Christian have better drawing ability than Super Mex and Kid Kash. Usually the Knockouts matches are considerably better than the WWE Diva’s matches, however last nights match was pretty terrible to watch, but I won’t go on about that too much as WWE consistently have terrible Diva’s matches. Finally Devon and Garrett against Robbie E and Robbie T was very sub par, with three of the four guys not being the best of workers around.

I think what people have seen last night with Slammiversary is TNA upping their game in the most part. They seem to be having a bit more consistency to their storylines, they aren’t passing their titles about every couple of weeks or months and with a guy like Austin Aries coming up the ranks, you know that there is new and fresh things approaching. Also last night TNA look legit, the crowd were into it and it looked more special than just being in the Impact Zone, like we see the majority of the time, which I feel takes away from the PPV’s as they don’t feel different from the TV tapings. Much like when Impact was in London the crowd was hot for the show and because they were in front of a larger audience it looked a lot more appealing.

I’m really hoping this doesn’t come across like I didn’t enjoy the PPV last night because I did. Comparing it to a lot of the crap people who continually watch TNA have had to put up with over the years it is definitely a step in the right direction and hopefully they work and build on this going forward from here. Last night was a great stepping stone for them to move forward from and also with WWE not being at its best recently from what I’ve heard from Raw the last couple of weeks.

With all that said I am hoping to see TNA improve and look forward to what they have coming to us over the next few months. But I hope you all are enjoying Raw so far and I’ll be back next week!


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