Attitude Era Stars Expected To Make WWE Return, Backstage News On Vince McMahon

– To help boost ratings, expect to see several Attitude Era stars brought back to WWE TV over the next few months going into WrestleMania 29. A TV angle between CM Punk and Steve Austin to promote WWE ’13 will likely happen.

– We noted before that a top WWE star recently spoke out to Vince McMahon about the quality of the product and how everything is going downhill, putting the blame on Vince to his face. Other sources have confirmed this went down but details are sketchy because so few people were in the room. Word is the talent let Vince know that he is a big part of WWE’s problems and blaming others and trying to intimidate people into fearing him doesn’t change that fact.


  • theGuywhoLeftWWE

    The problem is Vince just can’t put together what
    WRESTLING is all about! Ever since the death of Attitude
    Vince has been giving us crap. And yet the ppl who
    do realize this, still buys their crappy ppv’s and still
    attend their crappy shows. Since when did wrestling become
    Storytelling, with stories that synchronicity has nothing to do
    with professional wrestling, or better yet, putting on a good
    performance for every show and poverty out their!