Audio: Former WCW Star Reveals CM Punk & AJ Lee Are Dating, Says Punk Has A “Huge Head”

Mexican wrestling legend and former WCW star Konnan says AJ Lee is now dating CM Punk. From his MLW podcast with Court Bauer. Konnan also claims Punk has a big ego now.

Photos Of AJ Lee and CM Punk Together

  • Cody Mix

    He left Lita for AJ? Questionable move IMO but lucky guy regardless.

    • UZi

      Definitely improved in the titty department. Lita’s airbags are gross.

  • MinusDarrin

    How is it any of Konnan’s business, or anyone else’s for that matter, who Punk is dating? Konnan sounds like a teenage girl spreading rumors in this clip. And as for Punk having a big ego, he has EARNED that ego. He fought from the bottom to the top on his own. He had no help in getting to where he is now. He didn’t suck up to anyone and no one had his back, besides Paul Heyman. This sounds to me like Konnan is a little jealous. Punk is one of the biggest draws in the WWE and Konnan was never anything more than a mid-card, third wheel in a stable that driven into the ground. Just sayin.

    • Beverley Sheppard

      i agree i couldnt say it better my self but aj she has gone threw so many men in the wwwe but i agree cm punk worked his ass off to get where hes at and he didnt kiss butt to get there he did it all on his own

      • Batman

        Do you know how many wrestlers date wrestlers? Or how many actors date other actors? They work in a very strange microcosm, wherein you work such ridiculous schedules and travel so often that you can’t feasibly live a “real” life with ease. So you find partnership in those who you share said microcosm with. Those are the people around you. You would not be consistently away from those for 300 days a year. Etc.