@August1Warning Responds To TNA Website Speculation About Adam Pearce

With just 3 days to go until Thursday’s Impact Wrestling and the big reveal of who is behind the #August1Warning social media campaign, TNA’s official website has provided an update on who the mystery man could be.

The site published a Tweet from former WWE Superstar Bob Holly, who appeared on the most recent TNA One Night Only PPV. Holly was asked if he’s the culprit, but replied,

As reported over the weekend, former TNA Gut Check contestant Adam Pierce tweeted, “By the way, how many days til #August1?”

TNA acknowledging Pearce’s tweet could be a red herring, or it could be a sign that he is the person that “has a problem which needs to be solved.” In response to the TNA website article speculating if Adam Pearce is in fact the mystery man, the official Twitter account of @August1Warning tweeted on Monday: