Austin Aries Talks About Having Legitimate Fears In The Ring & More (Audio)

Austin Aries recently spoke with Brian Soscia of about having legitimate fears in the ring.

“Yeah there is a few. I mean, I’ll be honest I didn’t come into the wrestling business to climb ladders and scale ropes 20 feet above the ring and all that. I know why we have those kinds of things, It’s exciting for the fans and brings a different element of surprise and intrigue. People don’t understand there is a level of danger and risk associated with this. We are all professionals in that ring but when you start adding those elements as far as ladders and metal and scaling the ropes, Ultimate X type matches. No matter what you are one missed step away from really being injured. I think that’s something in the back of all of our minds. We go out there to put on the best performance we can for the fans at the same time we have to be mindful of protecting ourselves and the guys you are in the ring with.”

You can listen to the complete interview embedded in the video below: