Austin Praises TNA Reaction, Discusses Rumors Of Him Hosting Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin spoke with to promote his new latest movie, Hunt to Kill.

Regarding rumors that he is hosting an episode of Raw next month, he says he has no knowledge of the matter.

“Man, I haven’t talked with anybody about that,” he replied. “I mean, I’ve been hearing rumors all of a sudden that I’m supposed to appear on Raw or something or other, or a Wrestlemania XXVII thing, and I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t talked with anybody from the WWE. On the 10th of November I’m fixed to head to Vancouver to start another movie, so I don’t think it’s going to happen, and I haven’t had talks of anything happening either.

“Stone Cold” praised TNA Wrestling’s pseudo shoot program, ReACTION, noting his enjoyment for its rawness.

“I watch their Reaction show, and I like the shoot style promos they do on that show. It’s different, it’s not so pre-fabricated, you know, they’re shoot promos and I enjoy that. They feel raw, they feel real.

“Well you know, it goes back to what it was before. That’s the ability to learn to cut a promo and you’re coming from your heart, your guts, your brain. There’s that story you’ve got to tell, but promos have to be real, they can’t be fabricated. You have to believe in them. When you’re not trying to memorize something, you can believe what you’re saying. That’s the fashion that I cut mine as Stone Cold. I believed every word I said 110%. That’s just the way it was.”

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