Backstage EVOLVE News: Who’s Impressing?, & More

— Attendance at the weekend events in Charlotte and Concord was described as horrible, with around 100 fans attending both shows. The company had concerns going into the last few weeks as there were issues with the local promoter. was formed to replace the dwindling DVD market, but in this case, the iPPV was able to keep the promotion from a devastating loss. While not happy with attendance, the promotion will consider a return in the future.

— Jon Davis turned in good performances in what was described as a do or die situation with the company.

— AR Fox’s stock is also said to be on the rise following his performances. After being turned away at the Canadian border, there was a good chance this weekend was going to be his last with the promotion. At this point it looks as if he will stay on due to his performances.

— When EVOLVE arrived at the Charlotte, NC venue, the local internet company had not installed what was needed to pull off the iPPV. WWNLive’s Sal Hamaoui was able to get things together and they streamed without issue.

— Low Ki did not bring the IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship belt with him to the events, and there is no talk of him defending the belt Stateside in EVOLVE or DGUSA.

— There are plans for El Generico to make more appearances down the line.

— DGUSA will be announcing live events for July.

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