Backstage Feeling On CM Punk vs. Triple H, Why WWE Kept John Cena Off Raw This Week

– While CM Punk may feel that a match with Triple H at WrestleMania XXX is a step down, that is not how it’s seen backstage among his co-workers. Most of the WWE talents see a WrestleMania match with Triple H as being a very big deal.

– John Cena was kept off Monday’s RAW due to the swelling in his eye. The feeling was that they needed to give him a week off so the eye wouldn’t look bad on TV. The injury was described as a situation where Cena just caught a fingernail to the eye in the live event match with Randy Orton. There was some concern that his cornea might have been scratched but that wasn’t the case. The idea was to keep Cena off TV so they wouldn’t have to do a close-up on camera of his face or anything like that.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • SemajTheSellout

    I too think that a match with HHH would be great. It would be Austin vs McMahon 2. This time it would be a top star vs an authority figure who can actually go in the ring. I know I might get a lot of shit for this, but I’ve always loved HHH as a wrestler and a personality.

    A lot of ppl get mad that he is still involving himself in the product but… WHO THE HELL SAID HE WAS DONE BEING A SUPERSTAR? He still is, at worst, above adequate on the mic and he can still whoop ass in the ring. It would be a great match. Aside from the little high flying shit Taker does, I think HHH has a bit more in the tank than Taker did last year.

    Please, if you disagree, be mature about it. That is a valid statement being that Taker is stiff as hell at this point. Not saying his match with Punk wasn’t great, but… nevermind. DO YOUR WORSE!! lol

    • BAYsCokeBudget

      You are simply an idiot. Hhh is old and boring, Punk wants to main event not sideshow

      • RVD4Life

        wow way to be mature BAYsCokeBudget… HHH is still the man and can still go in the ring… You are simply an idiot

      • SemajTheSellout

        I meant *DO YOUR WORST!!

        Anywho, why am I an idiot? HHH’s matches with Brock Lesnar were pretty damn good in my eyes. He wrestles like a throwback star. And like most throwback stars he isn’t flashy in the ring, but he is effective and tells a good story, regardless of what hatin’ ass Brett Hart says (HBK fan til I die, lol, but I still got love for the Hitman).

        HHH has a presence that can’t be ignored and charisma that is tough to top. The build up alone would be epic. The promos!!! Honestly, I think Punk would be the slower one in the match at this point because of all the injuries he and the company refused to let heal.

        Now, If you want to talk about how horrible he is as the COO, then fine… wait…. The emergence of the Uso bros, the Shield, The Wyatts, the tag team division as a whole, the talent in developmental, Daniel Bryan becoming the most over superstar in yrs (though leaving him out the rumble was an epic bad call, I believe keeping the title away from him for a while was a good call).

        So yea, I may be a bit biased because I’m DX til I die but HHH is not the poison yall make him out to be. Though he did screw up my homey Randy.

    • George Solorio

      HHH is the top heel, so i really wanted to see that match, and it was a sure three PPV. feud. so it sucks we wont see it.

    • Dustin Davidson

      I completely agree, Triple H has always been one of my favorites, I miss the days when he wrestled all the time, but the guy really didn’t put many people over i was hoping for a CM PUNK vs TRIPLE H, and a Daniel Bryan Vs Undertaker, wrestlemania…but sadly i don’t
      get to see it

    • Bryan Thomas

      Well if he’s going to be going over top active talent, then he might as well go over randy and win the title for himself. I don’t care what the storyline is, but HHH going over punk on the biggest stage, makes about as much sense as if vince would’ve went over austin at a WM. HHH has nothing to gain from this. And wasn’t vince suppose to come back in storyline and save the day? This has been stale since survivor series.

  • fivestarman11

    The ones that are saying that are just trying to kiss hhh ass

  • codys moustache

    A match vs triple h is a big deal if they go over. It’s triple h beats them its bogus. Hhh has had enough glory in his career that he should be able to put over the best of the current talent without losing his credibility. That’s the only in ring value triple h has left.

    • RVD4Life

      I agree, if he’s gonna wrestle, he has to put over the talent…

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      To be fair, Punk probably thought he would have lost, I mean he didn’t intend to resign so they thought they would have put HHH over, and HHH hasn’t won many matches over the past couple of years, hasn’t he only got the one win against Lesnar?

      But yeah I agree, HHH should really just be helping put people over.

  • mikewedin

    Triple H is a snoozer. never does anything wrong, but never does anything spectacular. it is a step down for Punk.

  • C.J.

    HHH vs CM Punk is a match worthy of the Elimination Chamber PPV or perhaps the PPV that follows WrestleMania. The main event at WrestleMania should be CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan. BOOK IT!

    • SemajTheSellout

      I totally agree, if you mean next year when Punk is healthy. I feel Bryan will outshine him way too much at this point due to the injuries.

  • No Escaping Gravity

    HHH went over Punk at NOC in 2011, just as Punk was rising hard.

  • Darren

    Who else in that locker room would even have the balls to admit that they think a match with HHH is BS? Especially if it meant jobbing. To most of them a match with HHH probably is a big thing though, but those are the guys who aren’t at Punk’s level in the company. If you think you should be wrestling for the “Big Belt(s)) then a match versus HHH is a crappy consolation prize.

  • Grant Ryan Lenton

    It’s a step down because it’s all been done before (see 2011), which it probably why Punk wasn’t too sold of working with Taker last year (see 2009). Fans moan about seeing Cena/Orton for the millionth time, well we’ve seen Punk/HHH before, and once was enough, why would we want to see it again, only to be wasted at Mania? HHH can’t be built up enough in time for Mania to be taken seriously as a viable opponent for Punk. At the moment he’s Vince McMahon Mk.II. Nothing more. Punk should be put in fresh feuds that involve the WWE World Heavyweight Title, not rehashing a rivalry from 3 years ago. It’s always one step forward two steps back for Punk, he’s always fighting against the grain. A match with HHH might be a big deal to some of the others in the WWE locker room, and rightly so, he’s been one of WWE’s biggest star. But Punk has been there and done it, and quite frankly it’s clear that HHH would be going over at Mania, if it came to fruition. It’s a waste of Punk’s time, and our time. Put him in a match that he cares about, and that we care about.

    • SemajTheSellout

      I respectfully disagree on two points here. Yes it has happened before. But not where Punk and HHH are essentially Austin and McMahon. HHH has way more pull and is a huge heel at this point throwing his weight around. Like I said before, the build up alone would have taken place the day Punk left and it would’ve been epic IMO.

      The other point is… I don’t think it is a foregone conclusion that HHH would win that match. It is certainly possible, but I don’t see how it’s a definite in some eyes… I do agree, however, that if HHH won the WM match, it would be a bad look for him and the company,

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I wanted to see CM Punk V HHH, would have been an interesting storyline. Oh well.

    Ah, and here I was going to say it’s because John Cena couldn’t see us.

  • Richard Martinez

    You can’t compare HHH to Vince, come on! Think about it? Vince was and is the owner, the suit and the cowardly boss. When he stepped in the ring he held his own, yes. HHH is the game, a fighter and a renagade. I find it hard to buy HHH’s role as “the boss”. It doesn’t have the same feeling at all to Vince vs Stone Cold.

    • SemajTheSellout

      Yet! But HHH is a boss who can also kick ass. It’s kinda like unleashing the beast under the suit (ewww). It’s not going to be the same, because it would be better. I don’t even remember the actual match w/ Austin vs McMahon, and I don’t feel the need to look it up because Vince is not a superstar and it could be nothing more than a forced sideshow.

      On the other hand, HHH is a proven warrior in the ring. And you have the real animosity surrounding them. Vince loved Austin, Punk and HHH have some deep rooted issues even if they respect each other’s work. If Cena can have those great matches with Punk, HHH vs Punk would blow that out of the water.

  • Bryan Thomas

    But punk went from the undertaker at WM 29 to the guy who failed not twice but three times against taker at WM. HHH always been average in the ring, in my opinion. So no matter how good punk is. It’ll be like when he faced the rock last year. Not a real good match

  • Raihan Khan

    hope cena gets well, eyes injuries are dangerous,