Backstage Heat On Brooke Hogan In TNA, News On The KO Tag Team Titles, Al Snow

– Within TNA, there is a lot of resentment regarding Brooke Hogan and the position she has. When she first debuted, the feeling was that if she can help things and is good on camera, then all is fine. Now the feeling is that whatever reality TV show fame she had means nothing on Impact, she’s not over with fans and she’s just not a good talker in the role that has been given to her.

– ODB and Eric Young are now the longest reigning TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions with 168 days as champions. The two haven’t had a match as a tag team since Lockdown in April.

– TNA agent Al Snow has gained a lot of office power recently.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Hector Medina

    And people say TNA isn’t garbage? They care all about wrestling….so much that they dont take thier KO Tag-Championship seriously….”Let’s make a goofball dude one half of the team and then not have them defend them for months on end…Get that prestige going.”
    And how much of a mark is Dixie? Girl, How much pull are you giving Hogan? You MIGHT want to draw the line with having his daughter LEAD veteran female wrestlers. Thats all Mickie James and Tara needs…BROOKE HOGAN to lead the way. I can go all day