Backstage Heat On Sin Cara Following Monday’s WWE Raw Episode

There is reportedly backstage heat on Sin Cara following Monday’s Raw episode for immediately quitting his match with Alberto Del Rio after he dislocated his finger.

As previously reported, Sin Cara will be undergoing X-rays today to make sure that he didn’t suffer an avulsion fracture.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)

  • WWE fans need real wrestling

    He’s dead weight and needs to be cut since all he does is get hurt and lose.

    • Bilal Mvw

      Well there are about 4 different sin cars across the globe. The reason why there keeping him is because there is another sin cara at Mexico national wrestling. And wwe are trying to compete with them

  • uibiub

    Pathetic excuse for a wrestler. Most wrestlers would rather do anything than quit a match early. I generally thought it was a work when it happened.

    • Bilal Mvw

      If del riobroke your finisher you won’t be getting up.
      That’s why he is the best submission machine after chris benit

      • uibiub

        Is it still real to you dammit?

        • Bilal Mvw

          No. But I still take it seriously

  • PutABirdOnIt

    Sin cara just needs to be put through a lloonngg developmental process and be trained for the WWE style of wrestling.

    • PutABirdOnIt

      Assuming that WWE didn’t put him through any form of developmental.

      • Bilal Mvw

        They didn’t because he was so great in Mexico. Little kids love him and so do the Latino company wwe two biggest customers my opinion

  • Geoff

    Was waiting for a news about backstage heat to come up. Didn’t take long

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    He is awful. Time to get rid of him. One of the worst Mexican stars to ever compete in the states. Everything he does is awful.

  • Harps Starkz

    Hunico needs to wrestle in the mask he was much better