Backstage Heat Over Randy Orton’s Recent Interview Comments

Randy Orton garnered a lot of heat from both talent and company officials regarding alarming comments he made two weeks ago during an interview with Phoenix, Arizona based rock station 98KUPD. “The Viper” candidly discussed his past drug abuse, knocked the actresses who have portrayed his wife on television, claimed The Rock needs a teleprompter to cut his promos and besmirched Divas Champion Kelly Kelly.

One WWE source noted that if a mid-level wrestler uttered a quarter of the startling remarks Orton made, he would be due for an “MVP/Carlito like career burial.” However, Orton is able to get away without facing repercussions because he’s considered one of the company’s “big three golden boys.”

His comments regarding Kelly garnered a unanimously negative reaction. While she has been romantically linked to numerous wrestlers, many feel he shouldn’t have made it public since it goes against the wholesome image WWE portrays her and other female performers. Many people also consider Kelly a genuinely nice person and didn’t deserve to be singled out as promiscuous.

Spured on by the show hosts, Orton implied that he could name ten wrestlers who have slept with Kelly. He later issued a formal apology to her via Twitter.

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter