Backstage Heat Reportedly On Hulk Hogan For WWE 2K14 Video Game Deal

Even though people appear to be fine with Hulk Hogan making a deal with 2K Sports to appear in WWE 2K14, many within TNA took it as a slap in the face to the company.

Hogan’s contract with the company is also set to expire in the next couple of months. Hogan was not at the last pair of Impact Wrestling tapings as a cost saving measure, but will be returning at this Thursday’s taping in Cleveland, OH.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • trevwinters

    It’s all about the cash my friend

  • Dallas Goff

    want to save some money cut Hogan’s pay by 75% or dont renew the contract

  • Yusei Asakura

    Well shit its not like TNA has a game that comes out every year or other year and lets face it the last game they did have was that shit one on the nintendo DS

  • DV Branton

    Fuck Hogan he is a cancer and needs to be cut out.He ruined WCW and he is ruining TNA. Take Hogan’s money and put it into the future up and coming workers and the current workers who can carry TNA for the next ten years. With Hogan and Bitchoff there TNA is sinking as fast as the titanic.

  • Lestopher Clark

    How about use the money they would have paid Hogan to cover Jesse Sorensons medical bills?