Backstage Update On Daniel Bryan Being Injured, Possibly Missing WWE’s Payback Pay-Per-View

– reported earlier this week via PWInsider that Daniel Bryan reportedly suffered some sort of injury at the April 9th WWE live event in Dublin, Ireland. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Bryan was hurt in the March 31st SmackDown match with Sheamus and was banged up going into the European tour. The April 9th injury likely just made things worse and caused Bryan to be sent home from the tour a few days later.

A company source noted to The Wrestling Observer that Bryan was expected to be out for five weeks so either way it looks like he will be missing the May 17th Payback pay-per-view. WWE has not officially said whether or not Bryan will be defending his Intercontinental Title against Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules on Sunday but it doesn’t look to be the case.

  • Laurence

    Maybe his gimmick will be that he gets stripped of his titles just after winning them due to injury.

  • Brie Wyatt

    Overrated and fragile.

  • Yusei Asakura

    I still laugh at the fact that the IWC wanted him to wrestle Brock for the WWEWH championship. Dude would’ve been out longer than 5 weeks after that match

    But Uh … Thanks for screwing a potential young Mid carder who hasn’t spent 10+ years wrestling from getting the title. Might as well throw the title on Vince least it’d be seen on TV every week.

    • pancho

      Maybe. Maybe not. Pretty speculative on your part. It’s not like Bryan hasnt been wrestling stiff for decades or anything. Reigns put on a good match at WM but STILL isnt really ready. So, meh. Rollins walking out champ was the right move.

      • Yusei Asakura

        Nothing to with reigns or Rollins it’s the fact he wouldn’t have walked away from that without getting hurt. Or Brock being soft and changing his moves. And now we have a title not being defended

        • pancho

          Alright, I can tell you dont understand what Im sayin’ or just one of these folks that cant be told anything so Im just gonna stfu.

  • Macrixen

    Sometimes the heart and drive to be a star is not equal to what the body can handle. I partially blame the fans that keep wanting him to push himself and stay in instead of resting and getting the needed surgery.

  • ShayLa

    What a shame.