Backstage Latest On Daniel Bryan’s Neck, WWE World Heavyweight Title & Tonight’s Raw has confirmed the earlier report that Daniel Bryan will not be cleared to defend his WWE World Heavyweight title at Money In the Bank.

Bryan learned this bad news from his doctors this past Thursday or Friday and WWE officials were made aware also. It’s expected that Bryan will be officially stripped on RAW tonight and that the Money In the Bank Ladder Match will officially be announced for the title.

It’s said that officials have already decided on who the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be but we don’t know who that is yet.

PWInsider adds that word from RAW this afternoon is that Bryan’s neck isn’t doing well at all.

  • Wrestling_fan

    Vinnie Mac for champ! Book it WWE…erm…i mean, Vince!

    • Marcus Carpenter

      Is it just me or does Vince and Miz look a lot alike. I am on to you vince, Now I know how he got his job.

      • Alex McCown

        its just you

  • codys moustache

    As much as a Daniel Bryan title run ended by Brock would have been great, things have now become really interesting. It’s now, who gets the title and who gets the briefcase? A whole new era has begun. BUT IF THEY PUT THE TITLE ON CENA OR ORTON!!!!………

  • @ScottieRock28

    As much as this sucks in the short-term for Bryan, I actually think this will be beneficial for him, if it’s handled correctly. Someone else will be champion now and Bryan will have to chase for it all over again. Some people were worried how the fans would get behind a Bryan championship run, but now they don’t have to because he’s back to square one.

    I just hope they put the strap on someone deserving like Cesaro and not Del Rio, etc.

  • SemajTheSellout

    I don’t understand why people are so quick to put the strap on Cesaro. He needs atleast another 6 months. Maybe an extended IC title run first. But making him champ seems rushed to me. Definitely a candidate for the briefcase though.

  • jmull

    You marks need to relax. Just because you like Cesaro, Wyatt, and the Shield doesn’t mean WWE should put the belt on them — BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT READY! And because they are gonna do something safe right now. My bet is HHH, and I think that would be great television.

    • ksedude

      I agree that none of the mentioned guys are ready. Also since Orton is in the match already, I don’t think they’ll put HHH in that match since I doubt they’ll want to show any hint of conflict within the “new” Evolution so soon. Remember last time Orton won the title as a member of Evolution? I agree though, HHH as champion again would be awesome TV, especially given his current role in The Authority. There are a lot of interesting routes they could go with that while Daniel Bryan is out.
      I think it’ll be Orton again, even though I hope not. It’s also possible WWE will pull the trigger (too) early on Cesaro, especially if they planned to have him go over to win the briefcase.

  • The Saber

    Maybe if they hadn’t made him wrestle 3 times a night….

  • Yoyo

    So who we going for… surely Lesnar?

    • ksedude

      Eventually. Not at MITB.

  • thatpj

    That must be the authority’s big announcement tonight. Can’t wait for LOLCENAWINS the title at MITB.

  • ksedude

    Way to build a stupid storyline where Daniel Bryan refuses to relinquish the title while injured, with Brie even “quitting” to allow him to keep it, only to have him relinquish it anyway when reality kicked in. Wow…