Backstage Latest On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Future & His Negotiations With Vince McMahon

– It’s been noted that WWE expects Rey Mysterio to be back on TV soon. Apparently Rey Mysterio and WWE have came to an agreement as Vince McMahon realizes that the company is short on top draws for the Hispanic market, leading him to “loosen up the purse strings” on some of Rey’s requests.

It looks like Rey will not be singing with AAA’s Lucha Underground and will be re-signing with WWE next May when the current deal expires.

There also may be a plan in place where Rey will be doing a lot of work outside of the ring for WWE.

While Rey does have his differences with Vince, he’s been with WWE a long time and has a lot of friends in the company. It likely comes down to economics as Rey probably won’t receive a better offer from any other company.


  • RReigns121314

    Who’s that jumping out the sky R.E.Y. Mysteriooo, here we gooo…… Again!

  • Mikael

    Rey it a point in his career where you could get atleast one great singles match from him. He is going to be 40 this year and he is very injury prone


    Rey is at the part time special attraction stage of his career