Backstage Latest On RVD’s WWE Status & His Unique Contract, Plans For His Return & More

Reports of Rob Van Dam not re-signing with WWE are incorrect, according to PWInsider. RVD is already under contract, as have reported, his deal calls for him to work 90 days and then take time off, as much as he wants. Van Dam can come back whenever he wants for another 90 days of work.

This is a deal that RVD and Triple H came up with, one that was signed off on by Vince McMahon. One of the reasons for the deal is RVD has so many of his own projects going on. RVD and WWE are on good terms with a new action figure coming out soon and a possible DVD in the future.

While RVD is away from WWE, he can still work for other wrestling companies but cannot appear on any of their TV programs. Word now is that he may be gone until the Royal Rumble season. WWE creative wants him to return then and work from the Royal Rumble through Extreme Rules, which obviously is more than 90 days.

(Source: PWInsider)


    pwmania have reported contradicting stories on RVD, surely one of them is bound to be true

  • Willey

    when they say cannot appear on TV programming, does this mean promotions like TNA and ROH, where they have TV, or can he also not be featured on a promotion’s DVD? like he cannot do a PWG, unless they cut the match off the DVD