Backstage Latest On Spike Not Renewing TNA’s Deal, What TNA Is Saying, Bad Spot For Wrestlers

TNA officials have confirmed that Spike TV will not be renewing their contract for Impact Wrestling. Word is that the deal expires either the last week in September or the first week in October. TNA has until then to secure a new deal with another network.

Both sides are claiming that they were the ones to not renew but multiple sources have confirmed it was Spike’s decision. TNA says they are still in negotiations with Spike.

For those wondering if TNA’s international TV deals can keep them going, those deals are not lucrative enough and you still can’t tour in the United States without TV. There are lots of people in TNA that have a very small chance of picking up work in Japan, Ring of Honor and WWE.


  • Lady Katherine

    TMZ source is not reliable I will wait for Dixie announcement
    Tna get a new deal is not dead yet Spike TV can still s resign TNA

    • Dylan Davis

      “TNA officials have confirmed” which means TMZ isn’t the source, read the article before you comment.

  • Lady Katherine

    Why will TNA resign 3 wrestler when they do not have anew Tv deal

    • Whovian

      They still have till October to find another and they still have their international deals

  • Adnan

    There are only 2 guys I wanna see from TNA in WWE and they are Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, Kurt because it’s time to come home, and Joe because he’s simply a beast

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      Bobby Roode , James Storm and Bully Ray

      • Adnan

        Bully Rays character won’t work in PG WWE and Roode and Storm as a tag would work well but as singles wrestlers they would probably end up jobbing every week, plus WWE has way to many single wrestler talent in their company about to make their mark Kenta Zayn Devitt

        • bakayaro_konoyaro666

          Those guys are not young enough for WWE to want them.

    • bakayaro_konoyaro666

      Joe is too old. WWE wants young guys

  • bakayaro_konoyaro666

    So TNA is claiming that they chose not to renew? Lmao. Yea right. TNA so desperately needs a TV deal. Lets see if CMT picks them up…………hahaha

  • ChloeMatthews

    This could be an opening for Global Force Wrestling. Signing some TNA employees/wrestlers. In my opinion, TNA will eventually find someone to sign with. They don’t just end because their TV network dropped them. Either way, I could careless. TNA is shit.

  • Michael Duberry

    Sucks for the wrestlers, because Bobby Roode is about the only guy who could be a success in WWE. Maybe Magnus could be a success as well due to his age. Muscular guys like Terry & Godderz could get a few years out of it, but none of the TNA crew are guaranteed spots in WWE. Most couldn’t fit the style of ROH or even CZW. They had better hope Jarrett’s promotion takes off or else there will be a serious slump in the wrestling economy.